Aziatik Rhythmz

    Aziatik Rhythmz

    (Friday Night) SATURDAY Mornings 4am - 6am


    Aziatik Rhythmz is the only on-air radio show in Southern California that gives voice to the Asian-Pacific Islander community. It's produced by the KPFK API Collective, and reflects the diverse interests of collective members. These interests include global news, prisons, economics, underground hip hop, LGBT issues, jungle/drum'n'bass, comedy, performace art, film, health, and (of course) politics, all with an API slant. With over three years on the airwaves, we have created a space for local and emerging artists as well as promoted community events.

    With the understanding that music is a powerful unifying medium, we do not confine ourselves in playing "asian influenced" tracks, but rather define the relationship that music has with all of us. Check out ASCETICFISH selekshuns of world riddims/dub/nu-jazz ... while RADIO BOMB (every 3rd Saturday) pulsates the airwaves with jungle/drum and bass... SUN DOOMINAL ocassionally steps in to play local indie/punk/ska/acoustic sets. We are an initiative driven community radio collective...the doors are open...holler up. Hit us up if you have any ideas, announcements, demos, and interest in joining the collective.

    CURRENT HOSTS/PRODUCERS: Wendell Pascual (asceticfish) | Carlos Veluz (mc ghost)

    REINFORCEMENTS: Miyuki| Domination Theory | Sun Doominal | agdm | Sebas

    (past):Siu Hin Lee, Marie Auyong (the mistress), Jade Chin (j. luv), Alvin Tsang (hawkfinn), Adrianna Khoo, Peter Bhatanawin (mr. b), Candace!, Alex Cho (hologram), Helen Hua (lenz), Kublai Kwon, Brian Yamami, Eddie Shin, Taylur Nguyen, Sam Vong, Yutaka Yokoyama, John Kawakami, Leslie Dale



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    • All Of The Above

      2:00am - 4:00am

      Transmitting live from the West Coast of the Milky Way, our weekly radio show explores high quality music of every genre.  With no commercials and no playlist, All Of The Above is a non-stop journey through sound unlike any other found on today’s airwa

    • Nightscapes or Due Diligence

      4:00am - 6:00am

      Giving you the music to make you think, feel, expand your dreams, reach for the stars and grow your mind. Playing an eclectic blend of low-fi, chilled out neo-soul, jazz, rock, blues, and a few classics. No holds barred, anything goes--DJ Jillian Rise

    • Edna Tatum's Gospel Classics

      6:00am - 8:00am

      Gil Fears - Host of “Edna Tatum’s Gospel Classics” has served as co-host for “Gospel Classics” for the past sixteen years.

      Gil is an ordained Minister and is associated with the Gospel Music Workshop of America.

    • Alan Watts

      8:00am - 8:30am

      For more than forty years, Alan Watts has earned a reputation as one of the foremost interpreters of Eastern philosophies for the West. Beginning at age sixteen, when he wrote essay for the journal of the Buddhist Lodge in London, he developed an audience


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