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    Richard Wolff in Los Angeles on April 24, 2018 from KPFK on Vimeo.
    Oscar López Rivera on Hurricane Maria, and Puerto Rico's Independence - Pasadena City College - 02/07/18
    Rising Up Health Special Feat. Johann Hari and Gary Taubes

    Making America Racist Again - a new documentary by the Rising Up With Sonali crew
    See the trailer above and watch the whole documentary and more from KPFK HERE

    This 75 minute film draws from original television interviews from the KPFK program "Rising Up with Sonali", featuring Alicia Garza, Chris Hedges, Bill Fletcher Jr., Kshama Sawant, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rosa Clemente, George Monbiot, Ralph Nader, Melina Abdullah, Arun Gupta, Frances Moore Lappe, Henry Giroux, Courtney Morris, Ibram X. Kendi, Deepa Iyer, Zahra Billoo, Christian Picciolini, Arlie Russel Hochschild, Tarso Ramos, and many others. The film explores how the US could have elected Donald Trump in 2016 and traces the history of racism, bigotry and scapegoating all the way to the formation of the nation. It examines the vulnerable communities that are being impacted today, how the so-called Alt Right has risen as a new and terrifying form of white supremacy, and ends on a hopeful note of how contemporary anti-racist activism is rising to meet today's challenges.

    Making America Racist Again is available as a streaming video file through KPFK’s Video-On-Demand channel for a donation of $90.7.
    KPFK Documentaries from KPFK on Vimeo.

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    Rising Up w/Sonali Newsfeed

    • Physicians Unveil New Plan to Control Drug Costs

      FEATURING DR. ADAM GAFFNEY – A week after President Donald Trump unveiled his plan to lower drug prices, calling it, “the most sweeping action in history,” a physician has published his own plan to control the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs. Dr. Adam Gaffney, on behalf of the US/Canadian Pharmaceutical Working Group published a paper...

    • How White People Use the Police as a Weapon

      FEATURING JODY ARMOUR – Since the police arrest of two innocent black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks several weeks ago, the internet seems to be flooded with a new story seemingly every other day of white people calling the police on black people for no good reason: A white golf player calling police on five...

    • Tens of Thousands of North Carolina Teachers March

      FEATURING KEVIN KUMASHIRO – Tens of thousands of teachers marched in Raleigh, North Carolina on Wednesday, flooding the state capitol wearing red T-shirts and demanding in their own words, “respect.” This strong showing of teachers is part of a growing wave of teacher revolts in states around the country including West Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona, and...

    • Senate Votes to Overturn FCC Net Neutrality Ruling

      FEATURING TIM KARR – The United States Senate on Wednesday voted 52-47 to overturn the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision on net neutrality. All 49 Democrats voted for the bill, with three Republicans joining in. The Senate used the Congressional Review Act as a vehicle to defy the FCC. The FCC, under chairman Ajit Pai...

    Democracy Now Newsfeed

    • Daniel Ellsberg: Whistleblowing is Needed to Avert Catastrophic U.S. War with Iran & North Korea

      Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg is best known for leaking information about U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War in 1971, but he also drafted plans for nuclear war as a consultant to the Department of Defense and the White House as detailed in his book, "The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner.” He joins us in Santa Cruz to discuss nuclear war, North and South Korea and Iran. He says Trump withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal has "no imaginable benefit to anybody, except for those mad men who want to see Iran destroyed,” referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia.

    • Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg: Civil Disobedience Against Vietnam War Led Me to Leak Pentagon Papers

      Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg was a high-level defense analyst in 1971 when he leaked a top-secret report on U.S. involvement in Vietnam to The New York Times and other publications that came to be known as the Pentagon Papers and played a key role in ending the Vietnam War. We speak with Ellsberg about the recent 50th anniversary of one of the most famous acts of civil disobedience in the United States. On May 17, 1968, Catholic priests and activists broke into a draft board office in Catonsville, Maryland, and stole 378 draft cards and burned them in the parking lot as a protest against the Vietnam War. They became known as the Catonsville Nine. Ellsberg discusses the role nonviolent direct action can play in social movements. Ellsberg says that the ending of the war in Vietnam "relied on a lot of people doing unusual things."

    • Trump's EPA Doesn't Want You to Know Chemicals in Teflon Are Poisoning Waterways & Firefighters

      The Environmental Protection Agency is facing a major new scandal after it worked with the White House to bury an alarming federal study detailing widespread chemical contamination of the nation's water supply. One Trump administration official warned release of the study would create a "public relations nightmare." The study found chemicals commonly present in Teflon and firefighting foam are a threat to human health at levels the EPA had previously called safe. We speak with Robert Bilott, the attorney the New York Times calls the the "worst nightmare of DuPont," the manufacturer of Teflon. He successfully won compensation for his clients whose drinking water had been contaminated by toxic chemicals used to make Teflon. He is a recipient of the 2017 Right Livelihood Award.

    • Headlines for May 18, 2018

      Gina Haspel Confirmed as CIA Director, Despite Her Record on Torture, Trump Says North Korea's Kim Jong-un Could Suffer Same Fate as Gaddafi, Trump to Cut Funds to Women's Clinics, Reinstitute Abortion Gag Rule, House Farm Bill Would End Food Assistance to Over 2 Million People, Senate Intel Committee Republicans Cite Russian Interference in 2016, China Denies Trump Admin Claims of $200 Billion Trade Deal, Egypt to Reopen Gaza Border Crossing Until End of Ramadan, Congo: WHO Warns of "Urban Ebola" as Virus Spreads to Mbandaka City, Colombia Orders Thousands to Evacuate Amid Fears that Dam May Burst, In Reversal, NASA Administrator Says Humans Cause Climate Change, Republican Rep. Mo Brooks Blames Coastal Erosion for Rising Seas, New York Court Greenlights Summer Zervos Defamation Suit Against Trump, Fox News Names Longtime Roger Ailes Protégé Suzanne Scott as CEO, Hawaii: Geologists Warn Worst Could be Yet to Come as Kilauea Erupts, New York: Calls Grow for Disbarment of Lawyer Filmed in Racist Tirade

    BradBlog Newsfeed

    • Amnesty Intl Is Ready For Haspel; Also: How About A Job?: 'BradCast' 5/17/2018

      On today's BradCast, we take a moment of silence to mourn Brad's late wisdom tooth. But not more than a moment --- a lot to cover with your guest host, me --- Angie Coiro of In Deep with Angie Coiro. Daphne Eviatar, Director of Security with Human Rights at Amnesty International USA talks with me about [...]

    • 'Green News Report' - May 17, 2018

      IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: EPA chief Scott Pruitt --- who still has a job --- gets grilled by Democratic Senators; Extreme storms kill 5 in Northeastern U.S.; King County, Washington files climate liability lawsuit against major oil companies; PLUS: New study finds air pollution dangers extend even into the womb... All that and more in [...]

    • Progressive Primary Wins in OR, NE, ID and PA; And Even More Good News Out of SCOTUS: 'BradCast' 5/16/2018

      On today's BradCast, we've got a bunch of mostly encouraging news today for a happy change --- particularly for progressives, women, and women progressives! [Audio link to show follows below.] First up, the least encouraging part of today's program, as some voters in Pennsylvania were once again prevented from voting when 100% unverifiable touch-screen voting systems [...]

    • 'Let the Games Begin': Trouble Ahead in Trump's Desperate Gambit for a 'Deal' With North Korea: 'BradCast' 5/15/2018

      On today's BradCast, a top State Department official under President Obama joins us to detail the "high stakes" and major pitfalls that await Donald Trump's negotiations with Kim Jong Un, if next month's historic scheduled summit actually happens, and the already-contradictory positions offered over the weekend by the Administration. [Audio link to show follows below.] But, [...]

    Ruben Luengas interviews Tatiana Clouthier, campaign coordinator for Andres Manuel Lopez-Obredor

    KPFK’s Ruben Luengas interviews Tatiana Clouthier, campaign coordinator for Andres Manuel Lopez-Obredor’s campaign to be the next president of Mexico, in this week’s episode of Contragolpe.  

    Lopez-Obredor, a left-profgressive, is currently well ahead in the polls with less than two months until election day on July 1.

    Listen Here Now - or view video below

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