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    Rising Up w/Sonali Newsfeed

    • Putting Deadly Nicaragua Protests Into Context

      FEATURING COURTNEY MORRIS – The US State Department has ordered family members of US Embassy staff in Nicaragua to evacuate the Central American nation. Deadly protests that have claimed at least 27 lives have rocked the nation after President Daniel Ortega announced an overhaul to the social security system. Among those who died was a...

    • What’s Behind the DNC’s Conspiracy Lawsuit?

      FEATURING LARRY BENSKY – The Democratic National Committee on Friday out of the blue filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that it was a victim of a conspiracy between Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, Russian officials, and the anti-secrecy organization Wikileaks around the 2016 Presidential election. Trump predictably fired off an angry tweet in response,...

    • Life After Manzanar

      FEATURING NAOMI HIRAHARA – Every spring in California, groups of people travel to the site of a notorious American concentration camp – Manzanar – where Japanese Americans and their families were imprisoned during World War II after being labeled “enemy aliens” by the US government. Life inside Manzanar and how families attempted to recreate normalcy...

    • Does New Cuban Leadership Signify Change?

      FEATURING NETFA FREEMAN – After ten years at the helm of Cuba’s government, Fidel Castro’s brother Raul has stepped down. In his place the Cuban National Assembly voted to promote a man named Miguel Diaz-Canel as Cuba’s new President. The transition marks the first time since the Cuban revolution that a Castro is not President....

    Democracy Now Newsfeed

    • How Black Students Helped Lead the 1968 Columbia U. Strike Against Militarism & Racism 50 Years Ago

      Fifty years ago today, on April 23, 1968, hundreds of students at Columbia University in New York started a revolt on campus. They occupied five buildings, including the president's office in Low Library, then students barricaded themselves inside the buildings for days. They were protesting Columbia's ties to military research and plans to build a university gymnasium in a public park in Harlem. The protests began less than three weeks after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The 1968 Columbia uprising led to one of the largest mass arrests in New York City history—more than 700 people arrested on April 30. It also inspired student protests across the country. Today, we spend the hour looking back at this pivotal moment. We are joined by Raymond Brown, former leader of the Student Afro-American Society; Nancy Biberman, a Barnard College student who joined the protests as a member of Students for Democratic Society; Mark Rudd, chair of the Columbia University chapter of SDS during the student strike; Juan González, _Democracy Now!_ co-host who was a Columbia student and strike organizer; and Paul Cronin, editor of the new book "A Time to Stir: Columbia '68." We also feature excerpts from the 1968 documentary "Columbia Revolt" by Third World Newsreel.

    • Headlines for April 23, 2018

      North Korea to Freeze Nuclear Tests Ahead of Trump Summit, French President Macron in U.S. for Three-Day State Visit, Manhunt Underway for Tennessee Shooter Who Killed 4 People of Color, Afghanistan: Suicide Bomb Kills 57, Injures 119 at Voter ID Center, Israeli Snipers Kill 4 More Palestinians at Gaza's Militarized Border, Palestinian Engineer Assassinated in Malaysia; Family Blames Mossad, Syrian Military Bombards Last Opposition-Held Areas Around Damascus, Nicaraguan President Scraps Pension Rollback as Protest Death Toll Hits 26, Peru: Assassinated Forest Defender Olivia Arévalo Lomas Laid to Rest, Armenia: Thousands Protest Power Grab by Leader Serzh Sargsyan, Arizona Teachers Authorize a Strike, Demanding Public Education Funds, Harvard Student Teaching Assistants Vote to Unionize, Climate Denier Jim Bridenstine Narrowly Confirmed as NASA Chief, HSBC Pledges to Roll Back Financing of Fossil Fuel Projects, Women Claim 5 of 6 Goldman Environmental Prizes for 2018, Georgia: Police Arrest 10 Anti-Fascist Protesters as Neo-Nazis Rally, Herman Bell Set to Be Freed on Parole After 45 Years in Prison, Colin Kaepernick Wins Amnesty's Ambassador of Conscience Award

    • Earth Day 2018: Ending Plastic Pollution in the Oceans, Land & Our Bodies

      This Sunday more than a billion people will celebrate Earth Day. This year's theme: ending plastic pollution by Earth Day 2020. Of the nearly 300 million tons of plastic sold each year, about 90 percent ends up in landfills, in the oceans—and in our bodies. Part of the focus will be microplastics, those small bits of plastic that are seemingly everywhere. We speak to Marcus Eriksen of the 5 Gyres Institute, who has led 20 expeditions around the world to research plastic marine pollution, and Priscilla Villa of the #BreakFreeFromPlastics movement.

    • Dilma Rousseff: The Rise of Brazil's Far Right Threatens Democratic Gains Since End of Dictatorship

      The imprisonment of former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has shaken up this year's presidential election. Lula is the front-runner but will likely be barred from running if he is not released from prison. Polling second is the far-right former military captain Jair Bolsonaro. We speak to former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff about the rise of the far right and the recent assassination of Brazilian human rights activist and Rio City Councilmember Marielle Franco.

    BradBlog Newsfeed

    • White Privileged Election Fraud, Mass Shootings and More: 'BradCast' 4/23/2018

      We've got a lot of news to cover from over the weekend, and breaking today on today's BradCast, even as we try to focus on the continued undermining of our electoral system, and the lack of accountability for certain lawbreakers versus others. [Audio link to full show is posted below.] Among the stories we cover today, [...]

    • Sunday 'Consensual Collusion' Toons

      Rest in Peace, Quaker Oats * * * Perry Dorrell blogs as PDiddie at Brains and Eggs, usually on topics concerning the strange brew of Texas politics. He's also on Twitter @PDiddie.

    • Senate GOP Twists Obscure Law to Gut Decades-Old Regulations (Forever): 'BradCast' 4/20/2018

      On today's BradCast: As usual, the big headlines obscure the most disturbing ones. [Audio link to full show follows below.] On Friday, the Democratic National Committee filed a surprise federal lawsuit against Donald Trump, his son Don Jr., his son-in-law Jared Kushner, several other members of the Trump Campaign, as well as Russia and WikiLeaks, for [...]

    • Senate Confirms Climate Science Denier as NASA Chief: 'BradCast' 4/19/2018

      Several stories --- pretty much all of them --- on today's BradCast, serve as trenchant reminders of the importance of elections, particularly with majority control of the U.S. Senate now hanging in the balance in this November's mid-terms. [Audio link to show follows below.] Among the stories both covered and elucidated upon today... Former prosecutor and New [...]

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