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    Trump's First Visit to LA as President Met by Opposition​​​​​​​

    President Donald Trump is in Los Angeles for the first time since taking office. He was welcomed by an unprecedented security detail of federal and local law enforcement agencies as a swift downpour threatened to disrupt a mass protest tonight.

    Before arriving in San Diego this morning, President Trump feuded with Governor Jerry Brown saying California was run poorly and that the place is totally out of control.

    KPFK News’ Ernesto Arce was in Beverly Hills for the protest and files this report. Click above to listen

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    Featuring a brand new speech and interview with former political prisoner Oscar López Rivera on Hurricane Maria, and Puerto Rico's Independence, Pasadena City College, 02/07/18

    Rising Up w/Sonali Newsfeed

    • Why Amazon’s Quest for Online Dominance Is Destructive

      FEATURING STACY MITCHELL – The capabilities of the Internet have unleashed never-before-seen phenomena particularly for corporations, and especially in the retail sector. Brick and mortar stores have found their online sales eclipsing in-person sales. But the one major company that started out as a purely online seller has taken its aggressive retail practices to new...

    • How Amazon Is Disrupting Workers Rights

      FEATURING JESSICA BRUDER – The online retail giant and now film and TV production company Amazon, has teamed up with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase to come up with a plan to offer healthcare for their hundreds of thousands of workers. The plan was announced as one that would be, “free from profit-making incentives and...

    • Sonali Kolhatkar Is on Vacation

      Dear listeners/viewers, Sonali Kolhatkar is on vacation from March 19 – March 27. During this time, do tune-in to our program in the Pacifica Radio Network and Free Speech TV and enjoy some of the best interviews we’ve put together for you. Rising Up With Sonali will be back with new segments on March 28!

    • Against the Fascist Creep

      FEATURING ALEXANDER REID ROSS – The rise of white supremacy in the US going hand-in-hand with the election of Donald Trump has left many Americans worried about the short-term impacts on policy and society. But there is also a serious concern about the long-term ramifications of an emboldened movement that appears to be motivated by...

    Democracy Now Newsfeed

    • Brazil's Former President Lula on U.S. Intervention in Latin America & 15th Anniv. of Iraq Invasion

      We continue our conversation with former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. The former union leader co-founded Brazil's Workers' Party and served as president from 2003 to 2010. During that time, he helped lift tens of millions of Brazilians out of poverty. As he runs for president again, we discuss the 15th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and U.S. interference in Latin America.

    • Exclusive: Brazilian Presidential Candidate Lula on Facing Jail as He Runs for President Again

      We continue our conversation with former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the highly popular former union leader who is running for president in this year's election even as he is facing a possible prison term on what many believe to be trumped-up corruption charges tied to the sprawling probe known as "Operation Car Wash." Lula was convicted of accepting a beachside apartment from an engineering firm vying for contracts at the state oil company Petrobras. But many of Lula's supporters say the conviction was politically motivated. President Lula responds to the charges against him. "We're awaiting for the accusers to show at least some piece of evidence that indicates that I committed any crime," he notes.

    • Former Brazilian President Lula: It's Clear Marielle Franco's Assassination Was Premeditated

      In a Democracy Now! exclusive, we spend the hour with Brazil's former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who is now running for president again. We begin our discussion with the assassination of 38-year-old Rio city councilmember and human rights activist Marielle Franco, who was killed last week. Franco, who was a black lesbian, was known for her fierce criticism of police killings in Brazil's impoverished favela neighborhoods. Her death comes at a pivotal moment for Brazil and the future of democracy in South America's largest country. Just last month, President Michel Temer ordered Brazil's military to assume control of police duties in Rio. "The only thing that she did was to work against the assassination of black people in the peripheral areas in the defense of human rights," says Lula da Silva.

    • Headlines for March 19, 2018

      Trump-Linked Firm Cambridge Analytica Harvested 50M Facebook Users' Data, Trump Attacks Mueller for First Time by Name, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe Fired, Turkey Seizes Control of Syrian Kurdish City of Afrin, Reports: 30 People Killed in Eastern Ghouta, as Assad Tours Front Lines, Russian President Vladimir Putin Easily Wins Another 6-Year Term, Officials from U.S., N. Korea & S. Korea to Meet in Finland to De-escalate Nuclear Threat, Elite Afghan Unit Kills 8 Farmers Irrigating Their Fields, Kashmir: 5 Members of Same Family Killed by Cross-Border Shelling, Texas: 2 People Injured in 4th Package Explosion in Austin This Month, Salvadoran Asylum Seeker Who Says She Was Sexually Assaulted in Detention Is Freed, Computer Hacker Adrián Lamo Dies at 37

    BradBlog Newsfeed

    • SCOTUS Ends PA Gerrymander Hopes; IL Goes to the Polls; Trump Tests Waters for Firing Mueller: 'BradCast' 3/19/2018

      On today's BradCast: We have a lot to catch up from over the weekend, and callers with lots of opinions to go with it. [Audio link to show follows below.] But, first up today, both a Republican federal court panel and the U.S. Supreme Court both rejected Pennsylvania Republican lawmaker's last ditch attempt to block a [...]

    • Sunday 'Involuntarily Retired' Toons

      Fifty more euphemisms for "you're fired". My favorite is 'RIF-ed'. * * * Perry Dorrell blogs as PDiddie at Brains and Eggs, usually on topics concerning the strange brew of Texas politics. He's also on Twitter @PDiddie.

    • Trump Turns to Torture: 'BradCast' 3/16/2018

      On today's BradCast: Don't be confused. Donald Trump has vowed "to bring back waterboarding and a hell of a lot worse", and he has now nominated someone to become CIA Director who has actually overseen such torture. [Audio link to show follows below.] A noteworthy correction published by ProPublica on Thursday night, to an article they [...]

    • Senate Democrats Vote to Gut Dodd-Frank (and Other Disasters of the Day): 'BradCast' 3/15/2018

      On today's BradCast: Why in the world did 16 U.S. Senate Democrats vote in favor of gutting central provisions of the Dodd-Frank banking reform bill, as originally put in place by Congress after the 2008 global financial meltdown to avoid another such catastrophe? That and many other disasters covered on today's show. [Audio link is [...]

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