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    3729 Cahuenga Blvd. West
    North Hollywood, CA 91604
    Main phone: (818) 985-2711
    Fax: (818) 763-7526
    Studio phone (for call-in shows and donations during fund drive): (818) 985-5735

    Map Of Our Location

    Driving Directions and Parking

    Driving North on Route 101, the Hollywood Fwy.
    (heading away from downtown)

    Take the northbound Lankershim Exit, staying in the left exit lane
    Turn left onto Lankershim Blvd.
    Turn left onto Cahuenga Blvd.

    KPFK, at 3729 Cahuenga Blvd., is the two story red brick building on the right side, just 4 buildings before the next light. A Panda Express is directly across the street. Turn right into the parking lot just before the KPFK building.

    Driving South on Route 101, the Hollywood Fwy.
    (heading toward downtown from the valley)

    Take the southbound Lankershim Exit, staying in the middle exit lane.
    Turn right onto Cahuenga Blvd from the middle exit lane. Note: The middle exit lane lets you turn into the "fast" lane on Cahuenga in preparation for an immediate left.

    KPFK, at 3729 Cahuenga Blvd., is the two story red brick building on the left side, just 4 buildings from the exit ramp. Turn left into the parking lot just past the KPFK building.

    Parking at KPFK

    We usually have parking available in our lot on the northwest side of our building. If you are coming during a fund drive at a peak hour, you might need to find street parking. We apologize for this inconvenience.

    On Cahuenga Blvd. there is metered parking, the meters vary from 1 to 2 hours. On the residential streets to the North and South of KPFK, the parking varies from 1 hour to all day unmetered parking.
    There is also a "park and ride" all day lot at the Universal City Metro Rail Station on Cahuenga and Lankershim.

    Metro Rail and Buslines to KPFK

    For specific bus and rail directions from your starting location, please Call 1-800-COMMUTE or go to the MTA's Trip Planner at


     Metro Rail - Red Line Universal City Station
        Exit the station on the right escalator onto Lankershim Blvd., walk 1/2 block south on Lankershim under the freeway to Cahuenga Blvd. Cross Cahuenga and turn left. Walk about 1 block to KPFK, at 3729 Cahuenga Blvd., the two story red brick building on the right side, just 4 buildings before the next light. A Panda Express is directly across the street.


    Metro Buslines
            From Cahuenga Blvd. line 156
            From Lankershim Blvd. lines 166 and 426
            From Ventura Blvd. lines 240, 150, 152, 156, 96 and 750

    Studio Rentals
    For Studio Rental inquires please contact or 818-985-2711 ext 223.
    The studio(s) are available for Audio recording, ISDN use, filming, pre-production, and other related uses.

    Staff & Operations

    Interim Program Director
    Alan Minsky
    Ext 202
    On-air programming and content
    Music Director
    Maggie LePique
    Ext 326
    Music programming
    Website, Online Archives
    Ali Lexa
    News Department
    News Producer
    Ernesto Arce
    Ext 227

    Pacifica Evening News
    Spanish-language Director/Producer
    Fernando Velazquez
    Ext 229

    Informativo Pacifica
    News Reporter
    Dan Fitz
    On-Air Hosts
    Host/ Producer
    Sonali Kolhatkar Rising Up
    Host/ Producer
    Ian Masters Background Briefing
    Jon Wiener Email:  

    Freedom Now!
    Host: Tej Grewall

        Global Village
        Maya Jup[iter (Mondays)
        Kevin Lincoln (Tuesdays)
        Yatrika Shah-Rais (Wednesdays)
        John Schneider (Thursdays)
        Sergio Mielniczhenko (Fridays)

        Global Voices For Justice
        Phone: (310) 283-0885

        Gospel Classics, Edna Tatum's
        Gil Fears

        Halfway Down the Stairs
        Uncle Ruthie Buell

        Headspace formerly Music Never Stops
        Barry Smolin

        Hutchinson Report
        Earl Ofari Hutchinson

        Informativo Pacifica
        Producer: Fernando Velazquez

        Producer: IMRU Collective

        Inner Vision
        Nita Vallens
        Dr. Bird

        KPFK Evening News
        Email: news [@]

        Labor Review
        Host: Henry Walton

        The Lawyer's Guild
        Jim Lafferty

      Maria Armoudian - Scholars Circle

        Michael Slate

        Middle East in Focus
        Noticiero Paci­fica
        Carlos Quintanilla

        Nuestra Voz*
         Leonardo Lorca

        One Track Mind, formerly Restless Soul [ F 10 pm - mid ]
        Kristi Lomax

        Perspectiva de las Americas*
        Host: Raymundo Reynoso

        Poets Cafe
        Host: M.C. Bruce

        Politics Or Pedagogy
        Host: John Cromshow

        Radio Intifada aka SWANA

        Radio Insurgencia Femenina - [ T, 9:00 - 9:30 PM ] Every other Tuesday
        Hosts: Elizabeth Mejia-Sheldrin Ruiz Email: - website

        Reggae Central
        Chuck Foster

        Rhapsody in Black
        Bill Gardner

        Mark Maxwell

        Sojourner Truth [ Tues - Fri 7-8 AM ]
        With Margaret Prescod

        Something's Happening
        Roy Tuckman
        Email: rtuckman [ @ ]

        Some of Us Are Brave

        Sound Of Transformation
        Host: Michael Beckwith
        Contact via

        Spotlight Africa
        Assumpta Oturu

        Stairway To Heaven
        Teddy Robinson

        Suplemento Comunitario - Every other Tuesday
        Hosts: Pedro Sanchez, Juan Carlos Navarro y Marino Aragon
        Email: -

        Travel Tips For Atzlan
        Mark Torres

       Truth Seekas'

        'Ukulele Spotlight
        Ali Lexa
        Email: alexa [ @ ]

        Sonali Kolhatkar
        Email: mail [ @ ]

       Voces de Libertad - [ T, 9:30 - 10:30 PM ]
        Collective Members: ALFREDO gomez- JESUS cruz- RODRIGO argueta- PABLO hernandez- MARINO aragon- JOHN martinez- JESUS galicia- ANGEL rangel- SHARIS delgadillo.              Email: -

        World Focus
        Host: Blase Bonpane
        PRODUCER: Shae Popovich

    Studios located in North Hollywood, CA
    Transmitter high atop Mt. Wilson
    With 110,000 watts of power (112,000 on a good day )

    KPFK is a progressive media outlet challenging corporate media perspectives and providing a voice to voiceless communities. Help keep KPFK a strong and independent source of music, arts, news and information.



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