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Delegate Election Process Underway

KPFK’s 2023 Local Station Delegate Elections

URGENT: Two weeks of voting remain. Please cast your ballot before Sept 30th, 11:59 PM ET / 10:59 PM CT / 8:59 PM PT. Quorum to validate the elections are 512 listener members voting; so far about 365 have cast ballots. If an extension is required to reach quorum at any station, it will cost Pacifica additional money. Please look for the email with the link to your eballot, and cast your vote today. And donate to help defray the cost of democratic elections and governance at Pacifica.
Click here

Make sure to safe-list <>, coming from Pacifica Foundation Inc. in order to receive your ballot. The voting period closes on September 30, 2023 at 11:59 PM EST/10:59 PM CST / 8:59 PM PST.

If you cannot find the email with the code to access your ballot, even after searching through spam and promotion folders, or if you do not have email, you can reach the National Elections Supervisor's voice mail to leave a message, requesting a ballot oe a paper ballot if you do not have email by calling 213-635-9363. Give your name, address and phone number.

Voting is to elect delegates of the listeners (and staff) at the Pacifica radio stations, including here at KPFK, where 28 candidates are seeking your vote for 9 seats on the Local Station Board. Delegates also get to elect 4 directors from KPFK to the Pacifica National Board. More information and candidate statements can be found at 

Look out for your e-ballot in the form of an email with a link to your eballot from or via an SMS text message to your phone. Reminders are sent every Tuesday to those who haven't voted yet.
If you have not received your ballot you can request one on If you don't have access to a computer you can leave a voicemail
at +1-213-635-9363. Ballot Request Form 2023 -

Here are links to the audio files of the on-air candidate forums held August 14-18 at 2 PM in English and August 14-17 at 8:30 PM in Spanish-bilingual. They can also be found at those time on the KPFK audio archives.  

Audio link Candidate forum 8-14 part 1   Audio link Candidate forum 8-14 part 2   Audio link Cand idate forum 8-15 part 1   Audio link Candidate forum 8-15 part 2   Audio link Candidate forum 8-16 part 1    Audio link Candidate forum 8-16 part 2    Audio link Candidate forum 8-17 part 2    Audio link Candidate forum 8-18 part 1   Audio link Candidate forum 8-18 part 2

Audio link Spanish-bilingual Candidate forum 8-14 part 1  Audio link Spanish-bilingual Candidate forum 8-14 part 2  Audio link Spanish-bilingual Candidate forum 8-15 part 1    Audio link Spanish-bilingual Candidate forum 8-15 part 2    Audio link Spanish-bilingual Candidate forum 8-16 part 1    Audio link Spanish-bilingual Candidate forum 8-16 part 2    Audio link Spanish-bilingual Candidate forum 8-17 part 1   Audio link Spanish-bilingual Candidate forum 8-17 part 2

You have until September 30 at 8:59 PM Pacific to cast your ballot

Delegate Election remaining Timeline 2023 • Sep 30  Voting Phase closes at 11:59 PM EST / 10:59 PM CST / 8:59 PM PST • Oct 8 Results announced and certified Have questions? Contact the election supervisor by emailing or leave a voicemail on 213-635-9363. 

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Democracy Now Newsfeed

  • Sen. Bob Menendez Indicted in Case Revealing How Egypt Tried to Keep U.S. Military Aid Flowing

    On Friday, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez and his wife were accused by federal prosecutors of accepting bribes in exchange for using his position to increase U.S. assistance to Egypt and to do favors for three New Jersey businessmen, including Wael Hana, an Egyptian American who ran a lucrative business certifying halal meat exports. &#8220;Egypt is a major meat importer,&#8221; says Lina Attalah, publisher of the independent Cairo-based news website Mada Masr that investigated the monopolization of halal certification in 2019. &#8220;What was straightforward financial corruption had this major political tentacle that affects bilateral relations to a great extent.&#8221; Menendez has stepped down as head of the Senate&#8217;s Foreign Relations Committee, but as he faces growing pressure to resign from his role as senator, New Jersey-based reporter Bob Hennelly says, the state&#8217;s political establishment that enabled him for years now appears ready to let him fend for himself. Democrats &#8220;really can&#8217;t afford to have Bob Menendez hanging around,&#8221; says Hennelly, who reports that Menendez has faced serious corruption charges in the past but retained his Senate seat. &#8220;This is what he does.&#8221;

  • Clarence Thomas & the Koch Network: ProPublica Reveals SCOTUS Justice Attended Fundraising Events

    A new damning investigation from ProPublica reveals Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas attended multiple fundraisers in connection with the billionaire Koch brothers, who have spent millions on conservative causes and funneled vast donations into Republican campaigns. &#8220;None of this was disclosed as it should have been on his annual financial disclosures,&#8221; says Justin Elliott, reporter for ProPublica covering Supreme Court corruption and ethics. &#8220;He&#8217;s spending time with people like the Kochs who have active interest and, in fact, cases at the Supreme Court.&#8221; This comes as a Supreme Court precedent known as Chevron is set to be revisited, with conservatives seeking to limit the power of federal agencies to issue regulations in areas ranging from the environment to labor rights to consumer protection. &#8220;If this Chevron doctrine is overturned by the Supreme Court, it&#8217;s going to make it much, much easier to challenge a regulation if you, as a company, don&#8217;t like it,&#8221; says Elliott.

CODEPINK every Mon from 4-5pm on KPFK

          The BradBlog

The BradBlog

  • Sunday 'Shutting Down Again' Toons

    With editorial cartooning increasingly an endangered species, please consider supporting them if you possibly can. * * * Perry Dorrell blogs as PDiddie at Brains and Eggs, usually on topics concerning the strange brew of Texas politics. He's also (still!) on Twitter @PDiddie.

  • Trump Terrified, Biden Building Back Better: 'BradCast' 9/21/2023

    We begin with some bright news on today's BradCast, before following with some new news and some myth-busting about a few feelings we've been sharing of late. [Audio link to full show follows this summary.] Among the stories covered on today's program... Popularity of solar and other renewable energy sources is reportedly soaring across the globe, according [...]

Rising Up with Sonali  




Sonali Kolhatkar can normally be heard Tuesdays at 4:00 PM on KPFK. During the Fund Drives please check the RisingUP Website for the latest episodes.

Rising Up With Sonali

Sojourner Truth with Margaret Prescod

Currently heard Tuesday at 7am on KPFK
Archives of the program can be found HERE
Sojourner Truth w Margaret Prescod

KPFK's Rebel Alliance News

KPFK's Rebel Alliance News is our nightly weekday English-language locally produced newscast, your uncensored source of progressive news, information and commentary, with international, national, state-wide and local coverage. Interim news director Ziri Rideaux has recruited a team of unpaid newsgatherers, reporters, commentators and anchors to cover local, state, national and international news, including Angela Birdsong, Jack Kennedy, Polina Vasiliev, Ann Garrison, Don DeBar, Dan Nowman, Marcy Winograd and others. We are looking for more beat reporters and volunteer stringers from OC, San Diego, and covering local government, housing and policing issues in Southern California including LA City and County and other municipalities. Email

KPFK LSB, CAB Info and Committee Schedule


Pacifica Foundation Info can be found on the foundation's website at

The Pacifica National Board (PNB) can be reached by email at

The Local Station Board (LSB) can be reached by email at

Pacifica National Board Motions on Terms for Those Elected in 2023 Elections 

Whereas there were insufficient funds to hold elections in 2022, which was year 2 of Pacifica’s 3-year election cycle in which half of the delegates would be elected;

Whereas the PNB passed a motion on October 20, 2022 providing that delegates whose terms would have ended in 2022 would continue to serve in 2023 if Pacifica failed to hold elections;

Whereas delegates whose terms would have ended in 2022 were either in their first term and therefore eligible to run again, or in their second term and therefore ineligible to run again, according to the Pacifica bylaws, and the delay from 2022 to 2023 in holding elections does not change that eligibility status;

Whereas Pacifica is in the midst of the election cycle for 2023, with the record period having passed, the period for candidate nomination having closed, the ballots not yet sent to members, and ballots slated to be sent to voters in the second half of August; and

Whereas it is important for voters to understand before they cast their votes the length of terms to which successful candidates would be elected and serve;

Therefore be it resolved that all candidates running in the 2023 delegate elections are running for two-year terms, and that the website and the ballot shall reflect this information. Pacifica elections would return to the Article Four, Section 3 schedule of holding elections in years one and two and no elections in year three (i.e., elections in 2024 and 2025 but not in 2026).


To find your email with access to the web-based ballot, look and approve emails from this address: <>

More information at  If you did not receive a ballot or don't have email and want a paper ballot, please call the National Elections Supervisor's message line: 213-635-9363.

Thanks to everyone for pledging support for the station during the drive.
Your support of KPFK helps make special broadcasts like this possible. Please consider utilizing the number of other ways you can support KPFK through a Donor Advisory FundStocks or Mutual Funds, Charitable IRALeaving A Bequest or Vehicle Donation, and you can pledge for select gifts you've heard mentioned during the current fund drive HERE.

News from KPFK and Pacifica - 2023 Election Process Underway

KPFK’s 2023 local election is here and we invite you to participate. In order to vote and run as a candidate, you must be a current member by making a minimum donation of $25 between July 1st, 2022 and June 30th, 2023. If your membership has lapsed, go to to become a member today. Visit for the voter guide, candidate nomination package and nominator registration. Candidate nomination packets must be completed by June 30. The Fair Campaign Provisions are now in effect. Please review them here:

Delegate Election Timeline 2023

• April – May 31 Election Preparation • June 1 Nominations phase opens and Fair Campaign Provisions take effect • June 30 Record Date for Membership • July 1- July 8 Candidate Certification

• Aug 15 Ballot Phase Begins – Open election and campaign phase • Sep 30 Voting Phase closes at 11:59 PM EST / 10:59 PM CST / 8:59 PM PST • Oct 8 Results announced and certified  
Have questions?
Contact the election supervisor by emailing or leaving a voicemail on 213-635-9363.
Thank you!
Renée A Peñaloza
2023 National Election Supervisor
Pacifica Foundation


Pacifica Foundation Inc.
Station: KPFK 
Community of License: Los Angeles, CA 
Reporting Period: July22nd 2021–July 21 st 2022

KPFK’s Online Public File

Jobs at KPFK and Pacifica

KPFA Radio Berkeley - UpFront Producer Sought -

UpFront is a mostly-live morning public affairs show that delivers a mix of local, state, and international coverage through engaging interviews, civil debates, breaking updates, and in-depth discussions with authors. We broadcast Monday to Friday from 7 to 8 am on 94.1 FM and at This producer will have primary responsibility for setting up most days’ shows, with help from the show’s host and interns. More info here

KPFK is seeking to fill several pro bono (unpaid) interim management and coordinator positions. These include:

interim unpaid development director to form and guide a development task force to raise funds for the station;

interim unpaid social media marketing manager to coordinate social media promotion efforts at and by the station;

interim unpaid volunteer coordinator to recruit and supervise volunteers for diverse tasks at the station.

Those interested in applying for these unpaid interim positions, please contact interim GM Michael Novick at

Pacifica Foundation Radio seeks an experienced leader for the position of
General Manager of its Los Angeles station, KPFK 90.7 FM 
For more information and to apply, click
HERE or see

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  • Flashpoints

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    A front-line investigative news magazine, focusing on human, civil and workers right, issues of war and peace, Global Warming, racism and poverty, and other issues.

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  • KPFK Rebel Alliance News

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