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KPFK Radio, 90.7 FM Los Angeles, seeks a General Manager with a proven track record of collaborative leadership and vision to provide innovative, high-quality, free speech community-based non-commercial radio to a diverse audience in a major media market. For more information please CLICK HERE

Pacifica Bylaws Referendum

Referendum 2021

You will have the opportunity to vote in a referendum for 30 days starting June 7th to replace the Pacifica Foundation’s bylaws with new bylaws proposed by a group of Pacifica members. If adopted, significant modifications will be made to the foundation’s governance structure affecting both the national and local station boards, including how you, as a listener sponsor, are represented and can participate. To assist you in navigating the complex issues, a graphics-based voter guide is under development and can be viewed here - Voter Guide Referendum 2021 alongside the text of the current and proposed bylaws. In order to be eligible to vote, check that your membership is up to date by verifying with your station that you have contributed $25 or performed 3 hours of volunteer work between April 8, 2020 and April 7, 2021. 

2021 Referendo de los Estatutos

Usted podrá votar en un referendo durante 30 días a partir del 7 de Junio para reemplazar los estatutos de la fundación de Pacífica con nuevos estatutos propuestos por un grupo de miembros. Si son aprobados, va haber cambios sustanciales a la estructura de la junta nacional y las juntas de estaciones locales, incluyendo cambios a cómo usted será representado y podrá participar. Para ayudarle, un guía de elector con ilustraciones se encuentra en la página  junto con el texto por completo de los estatutos originales y los propuestos. Usted podrá votar si ha contribuido 25 dólares o ha realizado 3 horas de trabajo voluntario entre el 8 de abril de 2020 y el 7 de abril de 2021. 

Referendum Schedule

Notice Date and Beginning of Notice Period (also beginning of Fair Elections)- 3/8/21
Notice Period ends- 4/7/21
PNB Vote On or Before – 4/20/21
LSB Votes Concluded by – 5/17/21
Ballots mailed/emailed – 6/7/21

Planificación del Referendo

Inicio del período pre-electoral (entran en vigor las reglas de elecciones equitativas)- 3/8/21
Termina el período pre-electoral - 4/7/21
Junta Nacional vota – 4/20/21
Juntas Locales votan – 5/17/21
Envío de boletas a los miembros de público y del personal – 6/7/21

Updates will be posted as they develop

To donate and/or make sure your membership is up to date, please Pledge HERE


Programming Highlights

  • Pacifica Bylaws Referendum Town Hall

    From WPFW in Washington DC - Friday, 6pm until 8pm, a Pacifica Bylaws Referendum Town Hall will air on KPFK

  • LA Theatre Works for 5/9/21 at 10:00 pm, "Bump" by Chiara Atik

    Starring Herbert Siguenza (of Culture Clash), Alma Martinez, and Ana Ortiz, BUMP is an inspired delivery. Based on the true story of Jorge Odón and the birthing device he invented in his garage, Chiara Atik's comedy spans time and space in an effort to grapple with the mystery and the miracle of maternity.

  • RisingUp with Sonali now weekly

    Now you can catch the weekly edition of Rising Up With Sonali on KPFK every Tuesday at 4 pm Pacific. Tune in this Tuesday for the debut episode featuring a wide ranging interview with Dr. Robin D. G. Kelley on the Derek Chauvin trial, the Amazon union organizing and more, followed by an in-depth conversation with the internationally acclaimed public intellectual Noam Chomsky discussing his new book Chomsky for Activists.

News, Articles & Editorials


Democracy Now Newsfeed

  • Richard Wright's Novel About Racist Police Violence Was Rejected in 1941; It Has Just Been Published

    Nearly 80 years ago, Richard Wright became one of the most famous Black writers in the United States with the publication of "Native Son," a novel whose searing critique of systemic racism made it a best-seller and inspired a generation of Black writers. In 1941, Wright wrote a new novel titled "The Man Who Lived Underground," but publishers refused to release it, in part because the book was filled with graphic descriptions of police brutality by white officers against a Black man. His manuscript was largely forgotten until his daughter Julia Wright unearthed it at the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University. "The Man Who Lived Underground" was not published in the 1940s because white publishers did not want to highlight "white supremacist police violence upon a Black man because it was too close to home," says Julia Wright. "It's a bit like lifting the stone and not wanting the worms, the racist worms underneath, to be seen."

  • "They Were Tortured": 4 Families Torn Apart by Trump Are Reunited. 1,000+ Still Separated, Missing.

    This week, four parents from Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico were reunited with their children in the United States after being separated under former President Trump's "zero tolerance" immigration policy. They were the first families to be reunited on U.S. soil since the Biden administration began its reunification process. "Although we love to see the reunifications and they're very moving, we have to keep in mind what led to that and that it should never have happened in the first place," says Carol Anne Donohoe, managing attorney for the Family Reunification Project at Al Otro Lado. We also speak with Lee Gelernt, deputy director of the ACLU Immigrants' Rights Project, who leads the ACLU's lawsuit over family separations. He notes more than 1,000 children are still separated from their parents, and adds, "We have not even found the parents of 455 children."


Background Briefing with Ian Masters

  • May 6, 2021 - Thomas Bollyky | Charles Zelden | David Rothkopf

    Biden's Decision to Ease Patent Rules on Vaccines for Poorer Countries | Florida's Authoritarian Governor Signs Voter Suppression Bill With Only Fox News Present | Judge to Reveal How Barr Spun the Mueller Report, and a Second Steele Dossier

  • May 5, 2021 - Michael Hiltzik | Natalie Manaeva Rice | Ben Burgis

    Facebook's Non-Decision on Making its Ban of Trump Permanent | The G7 Decides to Fight Disinformation From Russia and China | How Could the American Left Allow the Republicans to Become the Party of the Working Class?

Sojourner Truth Radio
          The BradBlog

The BradBlog

  • 'Bamboo'zled in AZ; 95% Renewable Energy in CA: 'BradCast' 5/6/2021

    We apologize in advance for any whiplash induced by today's BradCast. The continuing madness and unending idiotic fallout from Donald Trump's Big Lie about a "stolen" 2020 election forces us to keep an eye on the MAGA Mob in the rear view mirror, even as we continue to try to look forward to Joe [...]

  • 'Green News Report' - May 6, 2021

    IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: The Earth's new normal is hotter than it used to be, thanks to global warming; Alarming news for the planet's glaciers; California accuses Nestle of stealing millions of gallons of water; Major flaws in state's forest carbon offset program; PLUS: Biden cancels Trump border wall funding, money saved will repair environmental [...]

Rising Up with Sonali Sonali Kolhatkar





Rising Up With Sonali

  • May Day Events Build Momentum for PRO Act

    FEATURING MAURICE MITCHELL – At Joe Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress last week, the President laid out his vision for America that centered on government spending, rebuilding infrastructure and creating jobs. During the speech marking his first 100 days in the White House last week Mr. Biden articulated his support for...

  • Is Biden Defending Reproductive Rights Enough?

    FEATURING GALINA ESPINOZA – Catholic Bishops in the United States have decided to draw a line in the sand over President Joe Biden’s support for abortion rights. Mr. Biden, who is only the nation’s second ever Catholic President, may not be allowed to take communion after the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops released a document asserting...

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KPFK LSB, CAB and Committee Schedule

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Job Title: KPFA/KPFK/KPFT/WBAI/WPFW Local Election Supervisor
Job Description: 

The Pacifica Foundation is a listener sponsored radio network comprising KPFA (Berkeley-CA), KPFK (Los Angeles- CA), KPFT (Houston-TX), WBAI (NYC-NY) and WPFW (Washington DC). Local station board elections are being held at each station. Under the direction of the national election supervisor (NES), the local election supervisor (LES), an independent contractor, will be responsible for numerous duties relating to the Local Station Board elections

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Local Station Board Elections
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