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  • Roots Music & Beyond, Sat. 01/22, 6-8 a.m.

    Producer and music archivist Jonathan Ward joins host Mark Humphrey to explore Excavated Shellac: An Alternate History of the World’s Music. Ward’s adventurous collection of vintage global music is nominated for a Grammy in the `Best Historical Album’ category.

  • LA Theatre Works, Sun. 1/30/22 at 10:00 pm, "Never the Sinner" by John Logan

    Two boys commit a murder―not for gain, or out of passion―but just to experience the thrill. John Logan based his play on the infamous 1924 trial of Leopold and Loeb. Never the Sinner is their story, and the story of one of the most famous American lawyers and civil libertarians, Clarence Darrow. In the case of a lifetime, Darrow is called in to defend the monstrous and win freedom for the depraved. A Goodman Theatre co-production.

  • KPFK LSB Report January 24, from 9:00-10:00 pm

    The next bi-monthly KPFK LSB on-air report will take place Monday, January 24, from 9:00-10:00 pm. Featuring updates with LSB members and listener call ins

News from KPFK and Pacifica

Pacifca Hires New Executive Director

Pacifica Foundation is pleased to welcome Stephanie D. Wells as its new Executive Director. Wells, who lives in Los Angeles, stepped into her role as Executive Director on January 17, 2022.

Wells has over 35 years of executive experience in the non-profit, for-profit, and entertainment industries and has given her development expertise to educational, recreational, medical, and cultural organizations throughout the United States. Prior to working in the non-profit sector, she was a producer and writer for mainstream cable and network television. She has an excellent reputation of leadership, including fundraising, publicity, board-building, policy-building and strategic planning, and staff management.

Wells was selected after an extensive review of candidates for the Executive Director position. “I am excited to be a part of the dynamic Pacifica Network and am eager to continue building on the success of our stations and extensive archive library, always with the primary goal of meeting the needs of our listeners and our communities,” said Wells.

Pacifica’s Board of Directors’ Chair Alex Steinberg said, "We welcome our new Executive Director, to the Pacifica Foundation. Stephanie impressed the Pacifica National Board with her no-nonsense approach to complex issues and solid executive experience. We thank Lydia Brazon, our outgoing interim Executive Director, who got Pacifica safely through the onset of the Pandemic and has worked hard on stabilizing Pacifica’s finances. We are excited about moving forward with Ms. Wells and will do what we can to support her. “

Pacifica Foundation Inc.
Station: KPFK 
Community of License: Los Angeles, CA 
Reporting Period: July22nd 2020–July 21 st 2021

KPFK’s Online Public File


Democracy Now Newsfeed

  • Ralph Nader: Biden's First Year Proves He Is Still a "Corporate Socialist" Beholden to Big Business

    As President Biden marks one year in office, we speak with former four-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader and The Nation's Katrina vanden Heuvel, who say Biden has failed so far to sell his agenda to the American people and bring about the transformative policy he campaigned on — from quelling the pandemic to passing his landmark Build Back Better legislation. The two also critique the U.S. mainstream press for asking "war-inciting questions," with Nader saying "the self-censorship of the press is overwhelming."

  • Setback for Democracy: Manchin & Sinema Join Senate Republicans to Block Voting Rights Legislation

    As President Biden marked one year in office this week, conservative Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema joined with Republican senators to block a proposed change to filibuster rules that would have allowed two voting rights bills to move forward, foreclosing the chance to stop hundreds of anti-voting laws passed after the 2020 election. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders blasted his colleagues for opposing the rules change, and Georgia's Raphael Warnock likened the fight for voting rights to the civil rights movement. We air excerpts from their speeches.

          The BradBlog

The BradBlog

  • Trump Crime Family's Very Bad Week Gets Much MUCH Worse: 'BradCast' 1/20/2022

    Today on The BradCast: While this week will be seen by history as a shameful one for American democracy --- or, more specifically, for 50 Republican Senators and 2 Democratic ones --- it may also eventually become a celebrated week for all of the encouraging criminal accountability news that is now coming in on what [...]

  • 'Green News Report' - January 20, 2022

    IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Biden floats breaking up his Build Back Better bill; Volcanic eruption and tsunami cause widespread devastation in Tonga; Extreme heat records shattered in Southern Hemisphere; PLUS: Exxon pretends to care about the climate... All that and more in today's Green News Report! GNR's now celebrating 12 YEARS of independent green news, politics, [...]

Sojourner Truth Radio
Rising Up with Sonali Sonali Kolhatkar




Sonali Kolhatkar can be heard Tuesdays at 4:00 PM on KPFK

Rising Up With Sonali

News, Articles & Editorials

  • The Death of the Pathetic Cyber Ninjas: 'BradCast' 1/11/2022

    On today's BradCast, before we get to the "death" of the Ninjas and their ongoing clown show, President Biden and Vice President Harris traveled to Atlanta on Tuesday to call for U.S. Senate filibuster reform in order to pass voting rights and election protection legislation with a simple majority. That, in hopes of countering voter suppression and election subversion measures being adopted by GOP controlled states across the nation.

    — Ali Lexa

  • Green News Report - January 11, 2022

    U.S. emissions spiked in 2021, jeopardizing Paris climate targets; 2021 clocked in as the fifth hottest year ever recorded; PLUS: New York State's new Governor goes big on climate and clean energy... All that and more in today's Green News Report!

    — Brad Friedman

  • Latest UN Climate Conference was Predictably Disappointing

    The latest United Nations Climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, resulted in an agreement that started out as inadequate to meeting the climate catastrophe, and ended up being further watered down to appease oil and gas interests.

    — Sonali Kolhatkar

Pacifica Elections

Local Station Board - DELEGATE ELECTIONS 2021

Local station board delegate elections have closed! Thank you for participating with your vote. Results and the final report are now available. Visit for more information.

Visit for information about the Delegate Election, Referendum 2021 and more.

Referendum 2021

Info about the By-Laws referendum can be found here:

To donate and/or make sure your membership is up to date, please Pledge HERE


KPFK LSB, CAB Info and Committee Schedule


Pacifica Foundation Info can be found on the foundation's website at

Proposed By-Laws Amendments

Bylaws Notice Period
Sunday, October 10, 2021 thru Tuesday, November 8, 2021
"On the Notice Date, the proposed amendment(s) to the Bylaws shall be posted on the Foundation's website and the Foundation's radio stations shall broadcast an announcement three times a day - twice between 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM and once between 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM for a period of 4530 days (the "Notice Period") regarding the existence of the proposed amendment(s) on the Foundation's website for review and the upcoming vote by the Board and Delegates regarding said amendment(s). During this period, all proposed amendments submitted by the Notice Date will be prominently displayed."
Bylaws Amendment to Modify Terms of Directors - Click to View
Bylaws Amendment to Allow Compensation for Financial Damage - Click to View
Bylaws Amendment to Allow Disqualifying Acts for Membership - Click to View
Bylaws Amendment to Allow Limits on Frequency of Referenda - Click to View


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