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Programming Highlights

  • LA Theatre Works 4/18/21 at 10:00 pm, "Betrayed" by George Packer

    Starring John Getz, Waleed F. Zuarter and Sevan Greene, "Betrayed" is based on the journalist-playwright George Packer's original article in The New Yorker. It is the story of three young Iraqi translators who risk everything for America's promise of freedom while their country collapses around them. Available for listening for one week at

  • RisingUp with Sonali now weekly

    Now you can catch the weekly edition of Rising Up With Sonali on KPFK every Tuesday at 4 pm Pacific. Tune in this Tuesday for the debut episode featuring a wide ranging interview with Dr. Robin D. G. Kelley on the Derek Chauvin trial, the Amazon union organizing and more, followed by an in-depth conversation with the internationally acclaimed public intellectual Noam Chomsky discussing his new book Chomsky for Activists.

  • Big Daddy Is Back!

    Bill Garder is back LIVE in the Studio! Be sure to check out his classic R&B tracks from the 40's thru the 70's on Rhapsody In Black every Saturday from 2pm - 4pm

News, Articles & Editorials

  • Jury Verdict in Derek Chauvin Trial

    A jury has found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all the counts he faced over the death of George Floyd. The trial has been one of the most closely watched in recent history, setting off a national reckoning on police violence and systemic racism even before the trial commenced

    — Ali Lexa

  • Attacks on Asian American Communities Rising

    When a new wave of anti-Asian violence was recently reported to be hitting the Bay Area, news media left us with an impression that we were in the midst of a conflict pitting Blacks against Asians.

    — John A. Powell | LA Progressive

  • CA eases way for schools to reopen full-time

    California just made it significantly easier for K-12 schools to bring students back to campus full-time — but some of the state’s largest districts and most powerful unions are pushing back, suggesting that hundreds of thousands of students may not receive daily in-person instruction this school year.

    — Emily Hoeven

Community Resources

New Day Pacifica ByLaws Proposal

By-Laws Referendum 2021

You will have the opportunity to vote in a referendum for 30 days starting June 7th to replace the Pacifica Foundation’s bylaws with new bylaws proposed by a group of Pacifica members. If adopted, significant modifications will be made to the foundation’s governance structure affecting both the national and local station boards, including how you, as a listener sponsor, are represented and can participate. To assist you in navigating the complex issues, a graphics-based voter guide is under development and can be viewed here - Voter Guide Referendum 2021 alongside the text of the current and proposed bylaws. In order to be eligible to vote, check that your membership is up to date by verifying with your station that you have contributed $25 or performed 3 hours of volunteer work between April 8, 2020 and April 7, 2021. 

2021 Referendo de los Estatutos

Usted podrá votar en un referendo durante 30 días a partir del 7 de Junio para reemplazar los estatutos de la fundación de Pacífica con nuevos estatutos propuestos por un grupo de miembros. Si son aprobados, va haber cambios sustanciales a la estructura de la junta nacional y las juntas de estaciones locales, incluyendo cambios a cómo usted será representado y podrá participar. Para ayudarle, un guía de elector con ilustraciones se encuentra en la página  junto con el texto por completo de los estatutos originales y los propuestos. Usted podrá votar si ha contribuido 25 dólares o ha realizado 3 horas de trabajo voluntario entre el 8 de abril de 2020 y el 7 de abril de 2021. 

Referendum Schedule

Notice Date and Beginning of Notice Period (also beginning of Fair Elections)- 3/8/21
Notice Period ends- 4/7/21
PNB Vote On or Before – 4/20/21
LSB Votes Concluded by – 5/17/21
Ballots mailed/emailed – 6/7/21

Planificación del Referendo

Inicio del período pre-electoral (entran en vigor las reglas de elecciones equitativas)- 3/8/21
Termina el período pre-electoral - 4/7/21
Junta Nacional vota – 4/20/21
Juntas Locales votan – 5/17/21
Envío de boletas a los miembros de público y del personal – 6/7/21

Updates will be posted as they develop

To donate and/or make sure your membership is up to date, please Pledge HERE



Democracy Now Newsfeed

  • Historian Khalil Gibran Muhammad: Policing in U.S. Was Built on Racism & Should Be Put on Trial

    A Minnesota jury's conviction of former police officer Derek Chauvin on three counts for murdering George Floyd does not go far enough in dismantling police brutality and state-sanctioned violence, says historian and author Khalil Gibran Muhammad. "We know that while the prosecution was performing in such a way to make the case that Derek Chauvin was a rogue actor, the truth is that policing should have been on trial in that case," Muhammad says. "We don't have a mechanism in our current system of laws in the way that we treat individual offenses to have that accountability and justice delivered." Muhammad also lays out the racist history of slave patrols that led to U.S. police departments, which he details his book, "The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban America."

  • Black Visions Collective: We Need to Abolish the Police & End Militarized Occupations of Our Cities

    The police murder of George Floyd added jet fuel to a nationwide push to defund the police. We go to Minneapolis to speak with Kandace Montgomery, co-executive director of Black Visions Collective, about their response to the guilty verdict for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd and an update on the push to divest from Minneapolis police and invest in communities.


Background Briefing with Ian Masters

  • April 20, 2021 - Mark Osler | Andrew Cockburn | Michael Mann

    Three Guilty Verdicts in the Trial of the Murderer of George Floyd | Why Does the U.S. Support the Drug-Dealing Leader of Honduras? | The Agreement by China and the U.S. to Work Together Against Climate Change

  • April 19, 2021 - Vida Johnson | Brian Levin | Ambassador Fesseha Tessema

    How to Screen Out Racist Cops Who Join Anti-Government Militias | With a Leader of the Oath Keepers Cooperating With Investigators, We Should Learn More About Who Planned the Assault on the Capitol | Paralysis at the U.N. Caused by China and Russia Allows the Slaughter of Ethiopian Civilians to Continue

Sojourner Truth Radio
          The BradBlog

The BradBlog

  • Ending Traffic Enforcement by Police Makes Sense, Would Saves Lives: 'BradCast' 4/20/2021

    On today's BradCast: A day in which a cop was finally found guilty of the murder of a hand-cuffed black man is probably a good day to discuss an important idea for long-overdue police reforms that could help keep people alive and allow police to do more of what they should be doing and less [...]

  • 'Green News Report' - April 20, 2021

    IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: 'Frightening' U.N. global climate assessment warns climate change and sea level rise are accelerating; U.S. and China agree to cooperate on climate action; Biden to hold virtual climate leaders summit on Earth Day; Interior Sec. Haaland revokes Trump-era orders; PLUS: Nation's largest coal mining union backs shift away from coal mining [...]

Rising Up with Sonali Sonali Kolhatkar





Rising Up With Sonali

  • Florida Just Passed a Bill Aimed at Protesters

    FEATURING ANNA ESKAMANI – Florida Governor Ron Desantis has signed a troubling bill into law that seeks to criminalize dissent and appears to be aimed squarely at the Black Lives Matter movement. While the pro-Trump Republican governor and his allies are claiming that the law is meant to protect the public from riots, the ACLU...

  • A Physician Offers Clear-Eyed Assessment of Vaccines

    FEATURING DR. STACY DE-LIN – The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently recommended a pause on deployment of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine in light of a handful of cases of severe blood clots among those who had received the shot. Some European nations have similarly paused use of the Astra...

KPFK LSB, CAB and Committee Schedule

Pacifica Foundation Info can be found on the foundation's website at

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Job Title: KPFA/KPFK/KPFT/WBAI/WPFW Local Election Supervisor
Job Description: 

The Pacifica Foundation is a listener sponsored radio network comprising KPFA (Berkeley-CA), KPFK (Los Angeles- CA), KPFT (Houston-TX), WBAI (NYC-NY) and WPFW (Washington DC). Local station board elections are being held at each station. Under the direction of the national election supervisor (NES), the local election supervisor (LES), an independent contractor, will be responsible for numerous duties relating to the Local Station Board elections

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Local Station Board Elections
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