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Programming Highlights

  • Voices from the Far West, this Saturday morning on Roots Music & Beyond!

    A Busy Saturday, April 17th! Live at 6 AM Pacific on the KPFK RADIO 90.7 FM Los Angeles with ART PODELL with members of the Ojai Underground Exchange

  • RisingUp with Sonali now weekly

    Now you can catch the weekly edition of Rising Up With Sonali on KPFK every Tuesday at 4 pm Pacific. Tune in this Tuesday for the debut episode featuring a wide ranging interview with Dr. Robin D. G. Kelley on the Derek Chauvin trial, the Amazon union organizing and more, followed by an in-depth conversation with the internationally acclaimed public intellectual Noam Chomsky discussing his new book Chomsky for Activists.

  • Big Daddy Is Back!

    Bill Garder is back LIVE in the Studio! Be sure to check out his classic R&B tracks from the 40's thru the 70's on Rhapsody In Black every Saturday from 2pm - 4pm

News, Articles & Editorials

  • Attacks on Asian American Communities Rising

    When a new wave of anti-Asian violence was recently reported to be hitting the Bay Area, news media left us with an impression that we were in the midst of a conflict pitting Blacks against Asians.

    — John A. Powell | LA Progressive

  • CA eases way for schools to reopen full-time

    California just made it significantly easier for K-12 schools to bring students back to campus full-time — but some of the state’s largest districts and most powerful unions are pushing back, suggesting that hundreds of thousands of students may not receive daily in-person instruction this school year.

    — Emily Hoeven

  • Putting her children before the fields

    On average, one in eight Californians have been late on rent during the pandemic, and the majority of them are single mothers.

    — Manuela Tobias

Community Resources

New Day Pacifica ByLaws Proposal

By-Laws Referendum 2021

You will have the opportunity to vote in a referendum for 30 days starting June 7th to replace the Pacifica Foundation’s bylaws with new bylaws proposed by a group of Pacifica members. If adopted, significant modifications will be made to the foundation’s governance structure affecting both the national and local station boards, including how you, as a listener sponsor, are represented and can participate. To assist you in navigating the complex issues, a graphics-based voter guide is under development and can be viewed here - Voter Guide Referendum 2021 alongside the text of the current and proposed bylaws. In order to be eligible to vote, check that your membership is up to date by verifying with your station that you have contributed $25 or performed 3 hours of volunteer work between April 8, 2020 and April 7, 2021. 

2021 Referendo de los Estatutos

Usted podrá votar en un referendo durante 30 días a partir del 7 de Junio para reemplazar los estatutos de la fundación de Pacífica con nuevos estatutos propuestos por un grupo de miembros. Si son aprobados, va haber cambios sustanciales a la estructura de la junta nacional y las juntas de estaciones locales, incluyendo cambios a cómo usted será representado y podrá participar. Para ayudarle, un guía de elector con ilustraciones se encuentra en la página  junto con el texto por completo de los estatutos originales y los propuestos. Usted podrá votar si ha contribuido 25 dólares o ha realizado 3 horas de trabajo voluntario entre el 8 de abril de 2020 y el 7 de abril de 2021. 

Referendum Schedule

Notice Date and Beginning of Notice Period (also beginning of Fair Elections)- 3/8/21
Notice Period ends- 4/7/21
PNB Vote On or Before – 4/20/21
LSB Votes Concluded by – 5/17/21
Ballots mailed/emailed – 6/7/21

Planificación del Referendo

Inicio del período pre-electoral (entran en vigor las reglas de elecciones equitativas)- 3/8/21
Termina el período pre-electoral - 4/7/21
Junta Nacional vota – 4/20/21
Juntas Locales votan – 5/17/21
Envío de boletas a los miembros de público y del personal – 6/7/21

Updates will be posted as they develop

To donate and/or make sure your membership is up to date, please Pledge HERE



Democracy Now Newsfeed

  • Biden Sanctions Russia for Cyber Espionage While Remaining Silent over Israeli Cyberattack on Iran

    The United States has imposed new sanctions on Russia and expelled 10 Russian diplomats after the Biden administration accused Moscow of being involved in major cyberattacks. The Treasury Department claimed Russia interfered in the 2020 election and was behind the SolarWinds hack, which compromised the computer systems of nine U.S. government agencies and scores of private companies. The sanctions target 32 Russian entities and individuals and bar U.S. banks from purchasing Russian government debt. Russia vowed to retaliate against the new sanctions and accused the Biden administration of degrading bilateral relations. "The most dangerous aspect of this is it introduces something new into international relations, because despite the way that it's being described, this was not an attack on the U.S.," says Anatol Lieven, senior fellow for Russia and Europe at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. "Never previously have sanctions been imposed in response to an espionage case, for the very good reason that every country, including the United States, engages in espionage."

  • Medical Examiner Accused of Covering Up Police Killing in Maryland Becomes Witness for Derek Chauvin

    In the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, a key witness for the defense was the former Maryland chief medical examiner, Dr. David Fowler, who contradicted most other expert witnesses in the trial and suggested heart trouble and other issues, not the police restraint, caused George Floyd's death. The decision by Chauvin's legal team to rely on Fowler's testimony shocked many in Maryland, where he is being sued by the family of 19-year-old Anton Black, an African American teenager from Maryland who died in 2018 after he was electrocuted with a Taser, pinned in a prone position and crushed under the weight of three white police officers and a white civilian as he struggled to breathe and lost consciousness. After an autopsy, Dr. Fowler ruled Black's death an accident, and no one was charged with a crime. The wrongful death lawsuit says Dr. Fowler delayed release of an autopsy report for months and covered up police responsibility for Black's death. Sonia Kumar, senior staff attorney at the ACLU of Maryland, says there is "a pattern of conduct in Maryland involving police violence against Black people that then are characterized as anything other than homicides." We also speak with Richard Potter, the founder of the Coalition for Justice for Anton Black and president of the Talbot County branch of the NAACP, who says officials in Anton Black's case spent months dragging their feet after the teenager's death. "Nobody was giving the family any information in terms of a cause of death," he says.


Background Briefing with Ian Masters

  • April 15, 2021 - Dean Baker | Jim Goldgeier | Thomas Barfield

    Pandemic Profiteers and Global Inequality in Vaccination | Sanctions Aimed at "Deterring Russia's Harmful Foreign Activities" | Biden's Critics Are Happy to Waste $2 Trillion in Afghanistan But Won't Spend the Same on Infrastructure at Home

  • April 14, 2021 - Christine Fair | Stephan Schwartz

    The Tragic Span of America's 20 Year History in Afghanistan Since 9/11 | Why Do American Police Kill 1,099 Civilians Annually Compared to 36 in Canada, 21 in Australia and 11 in Germany?

Sojourner Truth Radio
          The BradBlog

The BradBlog

  • Taking the 'DUH' Out of Floriduh: 'BradCast' 4/16/2021

    NICOLE SANDLER here, once again guest hosting The BradCast. I'm numb today, as there was yet another mass shooting overnight. This one was at a Fed Ex facility in Indianapolis. The shooter, a 19-year old former employee, killed eight people before turning the gun on himself. That follows another cop killing another Black kid, another school [...]

  • Corporations Pretend to Stand Up for Democracy: 'BradCast' 4/15/2021

    On today's BradCast: It's nice to see hundreds of companies and corporate executives coming out in favor of democracy and voting rights. If only they actually meant it. [Audio link to full show is posted below this summary.] First up today, however, the Biden Administration announced a spate of new sanctions against Russian organizations and individuals [...]

Rising Up with Sonali Sonali Kolhatkar





Rising Up With Sonali

  • As Chauvin Trial Continues, Another Police Killing

    FEATURING KINGDEMETRIUS PENDLETON – As the trial of Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis continues in its third week, a police killing in a neighboring suburb of yet another Black man has left the community reeling. Twenty year-old Daunte Wright was driving his mother’s car with his girlfriend in the suburb of Brooklyn Center when police pulled...

  • After Union Defeat, Can Amazon Be Beaten?

    FEATURING  KSHAMA SAWANT – A highly watched vote among Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama has resulted in a resounding defeat for the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union. Union activists worked hard for months to convince the nearly 6,000 workers, 85% of whom are Black, to vote to join a union. But ultimately, Amazon’s...

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The Pacifica Foundation is a listener sponsored radio network comprising KPFA (Berkeley-CA), KPFK (Los Angeles- CA), KPFT (Houston-TX), WBAI (NYC-NY) and WPFW (Washington DC). Local station board elections are being held at each station. Under the direction of the national election supervisor (NES), the local election supervisor (LES), an independent contractor, will be responsible for numerous duties relating to the Local Station Board elections

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