How They’ve Wanted to Stop Us

Every day KPFK opens up a new controversy, a new societal pain point, a new cultural, political or community insight, and new revelations about everything that means something in your life.

We can’t help it. It’s who we are and what we do. And we won’t stop.

We’ve been unstoppable for over 61 years.

And in an amazing testament to the hearts and minds of all our journalists, hosts, guests over that span-- history has proven us more or less right on almost every major issue we’ve faced during all these years.

Oh, how they’ve wanted to stop us. 

  • “They” were the then conservative worlds of California’s Nixon, Reagan, Wilson,  Deukmejian, Schwarzenegger, and the Wall Street loving presidents that backed them.

  • “They” was an L.A. run by the original police militarization cheerleader, Darryl Gates, who busted open our doors at KPFK in a raid during the ’70s.

  • “They” are still the lobbyists, the corporations, the Roger Stones, Paul Manaforts, Stephen Millers, and the political forces that work to crush or stall any change to our failing economic and social system. 

  • “They,” are all the political powers big and small who fear any exposure to their misgovernance and reckless or poorly conceived policies.

  • “They” are still the reckless, greedy people who crashed us on the seas of economic despair in 2008 and again in 2020 with the most willfully inept response to a health crisis the magnitude unseen in over a hundred years.


But it’s been a constant and mostly lonely war for one single radio station. And we’re even more lonely today as we painfully watch the doors close to local media in our cities throughout the country. The combination of drifting news habits in our digital age and COVID crisis have combined to crush the funding of our needed local papers and news stations.

But we’re still here -- and we won’t stop reporting for you, advising for you, analyzing for you, and advocating for you.

We won’t stop making the world uneasy for those who’d let self-interest, greed, and deranged right-wing ideology shape our world in the worst ways imaginable. 

In fact, the only one who can stop us is you!  

Without your membership support and that of your friends, colleagues, and like-minded thinkers  -- we’re just not going to be there for you and our community of listeners now when you need us most.

Please join us in making us an unstoppable force for good in our world and take this moment to help us continue our work, and give as generously as possible to support your KPFK.

We thank those that have already contributed during this drive. Your support is appreciated.

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