Texas sneezed & now K is catching a cold.

The Winter Drive has completed its second week. We started strong enabling us to broadcast the historic impeachment trials last week, raising $200,084 (at the time of writing this). On behalf of KPFK, I thank you for the generosity you have shown us if you've already renewed or donated to our Pledge Drive.

Now winter is recking havoc on the progress you have made in funding KPFK's operation and keeping on the air the programs you love. The call center we use to take your pledges is based in Texas and has experienced outages. We had to move to a call center as Covid keeps volunteers and the membership team from our offices.

Now we're seeing a drop in our average donations for the day.

We understand most members prefer to contribute via the phone. Over the next few days, we implore you to donate via the internet at KPFK.org/donate until our call center is fully restored. 

or pledge via Paypal

If you called or try calling and get a busy signal, please contribute online at KPFK.org/donate

Our volunteers, staff, and listeners rely on your generous support to ensure we have a KPFK. If you have not given yet, please consider supporting your station now so that we can make up for the hard work lost these last few days.

We're in this together; the last thing you want is for us to be taken out by a Texas storm -- only your contributions keep us on-the-air and out of the cold.

Thank you for your support,
PS:  If you are a current member, invite a friend, family member, and or a colleague to you know to join you as a KPFK member to ensure there is an alternative to NPR.

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