The Lewis Hill Legacy Circle

    The Pacifica Foundation was born in the late 1940s out of the peace movement surrounding World War Two. Lewis Hill, a conscientious objector, and Washington, D.C. newsman, was fired from his mainstream reporting job when he refused to misrepresent the facts.

    The Lewis Hill Legacy Circle honors the philanthropic leadership and vision of individuals who have provided for the future of public broadcasting by making a Legacy gift. 

    Legacy Gifts Include:

    • Bequests through a will or living trust
    • A percentage of your total estate — In using this approach, your gift adjusts with changes in the size of your estate
    • The residue or a percentage of the residue of your estate
    • Retirement plans or life insurance policies that name KPFK as the beneficiary
    • A gift of a specific amount to be given
    • It is important to keep your will or trust up-to-date
    • These planned giving vehicles can provide you with tax benefits, current income for you or your family, and estate planning advantages. At your request, we will prepare an illustration of your potential tax benefits and income

    Membership Benefits:

    • VIP Invitations to special receptions, screenings, and events
    • VIP tours of KPFK studios, including meeting a host of a KPFK program
      (* When possible sit in on the live broadcast of a program)
    • Recognition of donors gift in annual KPFK publications and on the Donor Tree/Wall in the lobby

    "Listener sponsorship is an answer to the practical problem of getting better radio programs and keeping them. But it involves, as a theory of radio, an analysis of the problem as well as an answer to it. The theory advances not only an economic innovation for broadcasting but an interpretation of the facts of life in American radio. And actually it begins in a concern with some of the facts of life in general. I imagine we can agree that if a sound is worth passing through the magnificent apparatus of a microphone, a transmitter, and your receiving set, it ought to convey some meaningful intelligence. There are innumerable ways of wasting time and generating nonsense, and there are also uncounted ways of making money, many of which may be pursued in broad daylight. But the elaborate machinery and the peculiar intimacy of the radio medium have better and more basic uses. The theory I want to discuss rests on two particular assumptions: first, that radio can and should be used for significant communication and art; and second, that since broadcasting is an act of communication, it ought to be subject to the same aesthetic and ethical principles as we apply to any communicative act, including the most personal."     - Lewis Hill, Founder of the Pacifica Foundation 

    How to Add KPFK in Your Planned Giving:
    Please contact Anyel Z. Fields at (818) 985-2711 or email to discuss including KPFK as part of your planned givings.

    KPFK is a progressive media outlet challenging corporate media perspectives and providing a voice to voiceless communities. Help keep KPFK a strong and independent source of music, arts, news and information.

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    • Nightscapes or Due Diligence

      4:00am - 6:00am

      Giving you the music to make you think, feel, expand your dreams, reach for the stars and grow your mind. Playing an eclectic blend of low-fi, chilled out neo-soul, jazz, rock, blues, and a few classics. No holds barred, anything goes--DJ Jillian Rise

    • Edna Tatum's Gospel Classics

      6:00am - 8:00am

      with host Gil Fears

    • Alan Watts

      8:00am - 8:30am

      For more than forty years, Alan Watts has earned a reputation as one of the foremost interpreters of Eastern philosophies for the West. Beginning at age sixteen, when he wrote essays for the journal of the Buddhist Lodge in London, he developed an audienc

    • Anti-War Radio

      8:30am - 9:00am

      with Scott Horton


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