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Programming Highlights

  • LA Theatre Works, Sunday, July 3 at 10:00 pm, Norman Corwin's "Together Tonight: Hamilton, Jefferson, Burr

    Three prominent Americans debate the merits of unchecked immigration, national security, and civil rights. While it sounds like a contemporary, made-for-TV event, this confrontation takes place in 1799, with three of America’s Founding Fathers as participants: Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and Aaron Burr. Legendary radio dramatist Norman Corwin created this imagined discussion from the participants’ actual writings—proving that when it comes to politics, some things never change. Starring Gregory Harrison

  • KPFK's "LSB Report To The Listener" Weds June 29th 8PM

    The KPFK "LSB Report To The Listener" will air live on Weds June 29th 8PM. Hear the latest from KPFK's Local Station Board and your calls

  • The Hutchinson Report, Saturdays at 9am

    What Now for Poor, Black and Brown Women-After Roe Scuttle? No abortion, open gun toting, public money for religious schools, no suits against corps. All in one week from SCOTUS --AND they're still in the bullpen just getting warmed up. PS As I've said often-You Didn't Think They Wouldn't Take it Back the first chance they got. The "it" being civil rights, civil liberties, LGBT, environmental, immigration, labor, and economic rights and gains fought and died for in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s - Earl Ofari Hutchinson

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Democracy Now Newsfeed

  • Meet the Dutch Doctor Helping Expand Abortion Access by Mailing Safe & Legal Pills Worldwide

    As activists across the U.S. are mobilizing to defend reproductive rights, we speak to the Dutch physician Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, who has dedicated her life to circumventing anti-abortion laws, including providing abortions on ships in international waters and sending abortions pills around the world. She also discusses navigating censorship on social media platforms, telemedicine, the future of contraception and more. “This is not the moment anymore to stay within the law,” says Dr. Gomperts, referring to the end of Roe v. Wade. “This is the moment to make sure that women have access to safe abortions despite the law, because this is such an unjust law that is creating so much social inequality and that will affect, really, the most poor women in the country.”

  • San Antonio Organizer: U.S. Immigration Policy Is to Blame for Deaths of 53 in Smuggling Tragedy

    We go to San Antonio, where 53 migrants seeking refuge in the U.S. died earlier this week after being confined to a sweltering tractor-trailer. Human rights advocates blamed the tragedy on restrictive immigration policies like the Migrant Protection Protocols, also known as MPP or the “Remain in Mexico” program. In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that President Biden has the power to end the Trump-era policy, which forced tens of thousands of asylum seekers to stay on the Mexican side of the border in unsafe conditions while their cases were resolved in the U.S. “Every single migration-related death is preventable by policy that actually focuses on welcome and care,” says Claudia Muñoz, co-executive director of Grassroots Leadership.

Sojourner Truth w Margaret Prescod
Sojourner Truth Can Be Heard Every Tuesday through Friday at 7am on KPFK
Archives of the program can be found HERE
          The BradBlog

The BradBlog

Rising Up with Sonali Sonali Kolhatkar




Sonali Kolhatkar can normally be heard Tuesdays at 4:00 PM on KPFK. During the Fund Drive please check the RisingUP Website for the latest episodes.

Rising Up With Sonali

Sidelined: Bias in SoCal schools and youth sports?

Southern Californians share experiences of discrimination in educational settings

Education is considered the great equalizer but what happens when students face inequality while trying to learn?
Cal State LA’s Race, Class & Gender in American Journalism class created a podcast to explore stories of folks who grappled with racism, sexism, classism, nepotism and other forms of bias or discrimination in educational settings, including schools and athletic programs.

The 10 episodes produced cover a range of obstacles and biases. Examples include:

  • Johanna Avalos, Rachael Illescas, and Sasha Rafael describe how they were overlooked or treated differently because of their gender either by a teacher or coach.
  • Carey Poindexter, Robert Gonzales, and Anjalene Frank described the racism they faced while trying to learn and how it made them feel at the time. 
  • Others interviewed described classism, ableism, and other forms of bias they faced.

In light of the curriculum introduced to implement critical race theory into curricula at all educational levels and college admission scandals, there has been more attention to concerns of racism, nepotism, and classism in academic settings. But educators and students say more must be done. To that end, the project also looks forward, to examining models that have worked in other states and strategies for eliminating personal and institutional biases that can affect students, student-athletes and others.

This project was produced by students in Cal State LA’s JOUR 3500 Race, Class & Gender in American Journalism class in collaboration with Golden Eagle Radio.
GER Station Manager: Ronald Cruz Professor: Julie Patel Liss Developer: Vraj Mehalana
Illustrators : Priscilla Caballero, Citlalli Prado and Michelle Leon
Reporters : Angelica Aguiniga, Priscilla Caballero, Erick Cabrera, Braylin Collins, Gerardo De Los Santos, Victoria Ivie, Imari Jackson, Michelle Leon, Vincent Moc, Eileen Osuna, Brian Perez, Citlalli Prado & Stephanie Sical 
A special thanks to GER’s Carlos Estebes, Heidi Itzep-Poroj, Marianne Arambulo, and business manager Albert Ramirez.

Get more info and HEAR the stories HERE

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