Unlike any other election, social justice gains, immigration, economy, and issues like climate change are doomed if all eligible Americans do not vote and get engaged on election day.

Host David Ono veteran anchor of ABC 7 in Los Angeles and guests Marc Morial, President, and CEO of the National Urban League; Hector Sanchez Barba, CEO of Mi Familia Vota, Tamlyn Tomita, Japanese-American actress, and other leaders to listen and learn what experts are saying about this upcoming election.

Get engaged and gather all the facts you need to make the most important decision in your life.

“Strength Thru Unity” (STU) was live-streamed on Monday, September 28, from 1:00 – 2:00 PM (PST). During STU's live stream, viewers nationwide will be able to ask questions.

STU is a LAVA Force production. Support of STU also comes from the Los Angeles Times, the Las Vegas Sun, Las Vegas Magazine, and the National Latino Press Association. 

STU aims to pave the way for social justice in the USA

Audio Version 

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