California Was Once a Mostly Conservative State

    When I hear how our content have shaped the lives of so many now highly active individuals in our communities, I know that we are still on the right path.

    California was once a mostly conservative state, Los Angeles had many conservatives run the city until KPFK started making its revolutionary voice heard in the 70s.

    Yes, we were small, but our activist mindset and challenges to unbridled government authority led to scaring the bejeebus out of the establishment.

    We were raided by local police and FBI back then — something unheard of even to this day.
    We broke stories and changed minds. 
    We saw former KPFK staff go on to invigorate NPR and other public radio stations. 
    We saw former staff and listeners get into politics, join nonprofits, and otherwise do what they can to make this a better world for all of us.
    We saw L.A. become a liberal bastion of progressive ideas and politics.
    We saw California go from Republican governors who were anti-immigration to our string of Democrat governors and their pro-immigration positions.

    KPFK is the mothership of all alternative and no mainstream news sources.

    Though small, our voice carries, and we still make a difference.

    But we need you as an active member — keep yourself "radio-active" with your donation today.


    "KPFK 90.7 in Los Angeles has been an essential alternative media voice in the otherwise crowded media marketplace of Southern California for over 60 years. Driven by the commitment to provide diverse programming and progressive perspectives it remains one of the very few media outlets dedicated to truly independent free speech and not corporate news speak. KPFK is one of my regular sources for information that I rely on" - James Allen Preston, Publisher at Random Length News

    From all of us here at KPFK, I promise we will do all we can to stop the self-destructive madness through uniting diverse communities, informing the public of the facts, and producing the best journalism in public radio.

    Change and improvements to KPFK and its community service can not happen without your support.

    Thank you for making our work possible and always being there for KPFK! 

    KPFK is a progressive media outlet challenging corporate media perspectives and providing a voice to voiceless communities. Help keep KPFK a strong and independent source of music, arts, news and information.

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