Health Care 4 US

Health Care for US explores the current insurance and corporate-controlled health industry, which extracts our resources away from our care. Our engaging guests offer perspectives on the many elements of the U.S. health insurance system—what is missing, what is needed, and how to achieve a system delivering optimal patient care as its sole mission.

Our focus is on the  intersectionality of health care justice with all issues related to human need, human dignity and human rights.  We invite you to join us in understanding the current failed system and its detrimental impact on our lives and on our society. Together we will explore how to create a genuine health care system for all of us, honoring all our lives as equally valued with dignity. Everybody in! Nobody out! 

HOSTS: Maureen Cruise RN, Erika Feresten & Gina Viola, founders and board members of the non-partisan, non-profit Health Care for US. 




SOCIAL MEDIA TAG: @hc4us_org


The co-hosts of HC4US in studio

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