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Current openings: Pacifica National Election Supervisor (NES), General Manager, Board Operator, KPFA Radio UpFront Producer


National Election Supervisor for the Pacifica Foundation’s Delegate Elections 2024
Employment Type: Full-time contract position
Length of Contract: March 1, 2024 - October 31, 2024
Compensation: DOE
Reports To: Pacifica Foundation Executive Director
The Pacifica Foundation was founded in 1946 and is a non-profit organization providing educational services through listener-supported community FM radio. There are five listener-supported FM radio stations in the Pacifica network: KPFA Berkeley, KPFK Los Angeles, KPFT Houston, WPFW
Washington, DC, and WBAI New York and a network of over 250 Affiliate stations. Pacifica is dedicated to education, free speech, peace, social justice, and cross-cultural understanding. Pacifica’s national and local boards include elected delegates of listener and staff members.

JOB SPECIFICATIONS Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities
 Work with General Managers, Program Directors and other key staff at KPFA, KPFK, KPFT, WBAI and WPFW to ensure fair elections.
 Develop an election budget for the Executive Director.
 Develop an election timeline in accordance with the Pacifica Foundation’s Bylaws.
 Ensure with the stations’ General Managers that staff and listener member lists are clean and de-duped and separated by listener and staff categories without duplication.
 Assist the Executive Director in selecting a balloting company and coordinate ballot issuing/reissuing throughout the process.
 Work with the balloting and tabulation company to design and plan electronic balloting including providing clean membership lists.
 Maintain and monitor an election hotline to provide members support throughout the election.
 Design ballot materials, candidate statement pamphlets, voting instructions.
 Maintain an updated website with updated election information throughout the election cycle.
 Facilitate candidate nomination process.
 Develop and coordinate candidate on-air forums with the assistance of local station personnel.
 Develop fair campaign provisions, including processing complaints of violations.
 Produce radio PSAs to promote each phase of the election.
 If Local Election Supervisors are required, recruit and train one at each station.
 Attend and report on progress of election at virtual meetings, many are held in the evenings and weekends to accommodate the volunteers’ schedules.
 Provide detailed report of election for distribution within 30-days of close of election.

Successful Candidates must demonstrate the following:
 Excellent writing, analytical and problem-solving skills.
 Knowledge of principles and practices of organization, planning, records management, and general administration.
 Ability to follow oral and written instructions and maintain effective communication with the Executive Director about work progress and other important information.
 Ability to prioritize diverse tasks, meet deadlines, and hold oneself accountable for following through with tasks in due time.
 Expertise in using data processing software to manage and track large amounts of membership records.
 Experience working with grassroots organizations.
 Experience maintaining websites.
 Experience with recruiting, training and supervising staff and volunteers.

Minimum Qualifications:
 Experience with election procedures and supervision, recommendation from an organization experienced in election procedures and supervision preferred.
 May not be an employee, paid or unpaid, nor a Delegate, Officer or Director of the Foundation, any of the Foundation’s radio station or any Pacifica Local Station Board.
 Knowledge of principles and practices of basic office management and organization.
 Knowledge of the basic principles and practices of data-management.
 Ability to work well, either alone or as part of a team.
 Must be reliable, accountable, and communicative.

The Pacifica Foundation is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. Pacifica Foundation does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, religious creed, national origin, ethnicity, gender, age, marital status, disability, medical condition, or sexual orientation. Women and minorities are
encouraged to apply.
Email resume and cover letter to the Pacifica Foundation’s Executive Director at
Applications must be received by COB February 26, 2024. Position will begin March 1, 2024.

Please include the following information in your cover letter:
1. Requested compensation.
2. Three top reasons why you are interested and qualified for the position.
3. Review the Pacifica Bylaws (found on and answer the following: How many simultaneous parallel elections constitute the Pacifica Delegate elections?
No phone calls, please


Pacifica Foundation / KPFA Radio

UpFront Producer

Location: Berkeley, CA


KPFA is the world's first listener-supported radio station, and the flagship of the Pacifica Network. Our radio signals cover one-third the state of California, broadcasting a mix of music, news, public affairs, and cultural programs -- most of it locally-produced by a large community of staff and volunteers.


UpFront is a mostly-live morning public affairs show that delivers a mix of local, state, and international coverage through engaging interviews, civil debates, breaking updates, and in-depth discussions with authors. We broadcast Monday to Friday from 7 to 8 am on 94.1 FM and at This producer will have primary responsibility for setting up most days’ shows, with help from the show’s host and interns.


● Identify topics for interview segments and potential interviewees, with an emphasis on new voices and perspectives

● Participate in daily editorial meetings

● Pre-interview, book, and confirm technical details for program guests

● Compose run sheets for each day’s program

● Post show descriptions in WordPress CMS and social media accounts


● Research and prepare for interviews, including preparing scripts/intros, questions, and transitions (the show’s host will do most prep on their own)

● Edit recorded interviews for length and clarity

● Train and supervise interns

● Help produce fund drive specials

● Occasional field recording and/or reporting


● News Judgment: familiarity with current events, ability to identify topics worth covering and how best to approach them. We are particularly interested in candidates who will expand our breadth of coverage by bringing their own background knowledge and community contacts to editorial discussions.

● Writing and communication skills: ability to communicate quickly and clearly with guests, engineers, hosts and interns while working remotely

● Research: ability to quickly assemble background information on interview topics and check facts.

● Preparation: ability to write clean segment introductions, prepare interview questions, anticipate responses, and prepare follow-ups.

● Audio Editing: ability to edit recorded interviews quickly and seamlessly to hit target lengths. Basic multi-track mixing (i.e., creating music beds for carts and billboards)

● Social Media: experience using social platforms to increase reach and audience engagement.

● Grace under pressure: this mostly-live program is produced under deadline pressure. We expect mistakes and breakdowns, and try to learn from them. We also expect members of our team to keep a cool head and kind demeanor when they happen.

● Effective interpersonal and organizational skills, and the ability to think creatively and proactively solve problems

● Teaching / mentoring: KPFA is committed to the ongoing training and development of its staff and volunteers. As you get more skills and experience from working here, you’ll be expected to help others learn, too.


This 40 hour/week non-exempt position is unionized with the Communications Workers of America Local 9415. Current wage is $26.12/hour with annual seniority increases. Generous benefits to commence after a 90-day probation period, including 100% company paid full-family medical and dental, up to 4% employer match 403(b) retirement, 2% employer only contribution 403(b) pension, seniority-based vacation pay starting at three weeks in the first year. Paid parental leave and childcare allowance.


This position is currently remote, because of the COVID pandemic. If we return to hybrid or in-person work, it will be at KPFA’s studios in Downtown Berkeley.


● Work hours are somewhat flexible, but most work for this position happens between 9 and 5 on weekdays.

● Occasionally, complex live broadcasts may require support from the producer starting as early as 6:45am.


Candidates should submit a cover letter, resumé, and two samples of audio work. Please email applications to

The deadline to apply is EOD on Monday, November 14th, 2022.

Pacifica/KPFA is an equal opportunity employer and will not tolerate discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, ethnicity, national origin, marital status, protected veteran status, genetic information, or any other legally protected classification or status.


View/Download this document as a PDF HERE

Title: General Manager
Department: KPFK – Radio Station
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Employment Type: Full-Time
FLSA Exemption Status: Exempt


The Pacifica Foundation is a non-profit agency providing educational services.

The Pacifica Foundation is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. Pacifica Foundation does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, religious creed, national origin, ethnicity, gender, age, marital status, disability, medical condition, or sexual orientation. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.


SUMMARY: KPFK Radio, 90.7 FM Los Angeles, seeks a General Manager with a proven track record of collaborative leadership and vision to provide innovative, highquality, free speech community-based non-commercial radio to a diverse audience in a major media market.

KPFK is licensed to the Pacifica Foundation Inc., founded in 1946 as a nonprofit mission-driven democratic media institution. KPFK was established in 1959 as the second listener-supported radio station in the Pacifica network. Historically, Pacifica invented listener-sponsored broadcasting.

Pacifica is dedicated to education, free speech, peace, social justice, and crosscultural understanding. Pacifica national and local boards include elected delegates of listener and staff members. For details, see about_mission.php.

KPFK is the strongest FM signal west of the Mississippi, broadcasting at 112,000 watts of power, serving most of Southern California from Santa Barbara to San Diego, webcasting at, with an eclectic mix of public affairs, talk, news, culture, music, and health and spirituality content, including some Spanish language programming.

The successful candidate will demonstrate the capacity to build the station's audience, financial support, and vital role in public discourse, working with paid and volunteer staff, other volunteers, trainees, and democratic governance, to develop effective community engagement using terrestrial broadcasting along with a significant web presence, social media, podcasting, and multimedia production.

Reports To: Pacifica Foundation Executive Director

Collaborates With: Local Station Board

JOB SPECIFICATIONS Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities:

The GM is hired and supervised by the Executive Director (ED) of Pacifica following a search process by the elected KPFK Local Station Board (LSB). This is a full-time exempt management position. The GM works with the KPFK LSB and Pacifica's ED in implementing the Pacifica Mission, and is subject to an annual evaluation by the LSB.

The General Manager is responsible and accountable for overall management and all station operations including programming; finance; budgeting; compliance with all necessary local, state, and Federal laws and regulations, especially FCC compliance; technical operations; facilities management; longterm planning; fund-raising; web and social media presence; public relations; and personnel, supervising a staff of more than 10 FTE employees and more than 200 volunteer staff members. Working with the paid and volunteer staff and a management team, the Local Station Board, and the community, the General Manager is responsible for monitoring and guiding the station.

KPFK GM - Job Description General Manager - Pacifica Radio Financial Accountability and Responsibilities

  • The General Manager is expected to increase gross income, net income, listenership and membership and ensure that KPFK complies with all local, state and national regulations and laws. Further, the General Manager is expected to adhere to Pacifica National Board and Pacifica National Office policies and practices.
  • Supervise preparation of a strategic annual balanced budget for the station, in collaboration with the LSB Finance Committee, Pacifica's interim Chief Financial Officer (iCFO) and ED; obtain LSB budget approval, then National Finance Committee (NFC) and Pacifica National Board (PNB) approval. This includes working to rebuild financial reserves over time. The budgeting process includes proposing appropriate levels of staffing and the amount and schedule of time spent fund-raising on-air.
  • Administer the budget throughout the year, facilitating and responding to quarterly LSB review, assuring that there are complete, timely, accurate records for the annual audit.
  • Provide regular monthly reports on revenue and expenditures for oversight by the local Finance Committee, LSB, and the National Office.

General Operations/Physical Plant

  • Oversee optimal transmitter function and compliance with all necessary local, state and Federal laws and regulations; oversee maintenance of all KPFK retransmission and booster equipment throughout the region.
  • Supervise physical plant maintenance in conjunction with the Chief Engineer and/or Operations Manager in compliance with all necessary local, state and Federal laws and regulations.
  • Coordinate with the Pacifica National Office and Pacifica Radio Archives, both housed in the KPFK building owned by the Pacifica Foundation.


  • Select a Program Director from a pool of candidates presented by the LSB, budget permitting.
  • Ensure that program content complies with all State and Federal laws and regulations as well as Pacifica programming policies and requirements, and that, by meeting community needs, it increases KPFK's audience, and enhances its impact and reputation.
  • Establish, maintain, and review programming goals and services in line with the Pacifica Mission; oversee a regular process of evaluation and improvement.
  • Oversee technical broadcast operations, and program content, delivery, format, production values, and schedule.
  • Supervise the PD, or ensure that the duties of a PD are covered if no PD exists, and communicate programming goals and initiatives to the staff, LSB and listeners.

Personnel/Trade Union

  • Supervise all station staff, both paid (10+) and volunteer (200+); maintain accurate records of all staff and their current contact information.
  • Attend trade union contract negotiations, handle grievances, and manage union employees.
  • Follow all Pacifica procedures and state and Federal laws, regarding employment processing, recruitment and selection, hiring, termination, and other personnel actions; ensure compliance with the Pacifica Foundation employment handbook and union contracts.
  • Ensure that public safety measures are in place at the station for paid and volunteer staff, members of the general public, and visitors. • Report to the PNB quarterly or upon request on the status of diversity of station staffing, programming and audience (data permitting) within the radio station areas.

FCC, CPB, EEO, AG Reports

  • Ensure complete and timely compliance with all necessary public file reports, annual CPB Station Activity Surveys, FCC license renewal applications, EEO mandates, charity registration with the CA Attorney General, OSHA regulations, and/or other necessary local, State and Federal filings.

Community Relations

  •  Broadcast monthly reports to the listeners with at least half the scheduled time allotted for listener call-ins; schedule a similar report from governance, as required by Pacifica policy.
  • Represent the station and Pacifica at public forums; handle media relations for the station.
  • Engage in broad community outreach and audience development.
  • Maintain publication of appropriate station and network information, including those required by law (e.g., EEO) or by policy.


  • Lead collaborative process to develop effective strategic plans for fund-raising on- and off-air, and supervise their implementation.
  • Meet with donors.
  • Collaborate with national fund-raising efforts.


  • Oversee development and maintenance of KPFK's Web services and social media engagement.


  • Oversee training of paid and volunteer staff in regard to policies, operations, program quality, vocal quality, fund- raising, community engagement, and audience development.


  • Serve as a non-voting ex-officio member of the Local Station Board; report to the LSB in person and in writing at all monthly LSB meetings and as necessary.
  • Work with the Local Elections Supervisor (LES) to implement all Pacifica governance election procedures and policies, including outreach to and education of listener-sponsors; maintain accurate, up-to-date records of the station's two classes of members (listener-sponsors and staff) as required by the CA Corporations Code; and provide adequate station resources to help ensure the election meets quorum.
  • Attend Pacifica National Board meetings or upon request.

Other duties as assigned. Job descriptions are subject to change without notice based on the needs of the station and foundation.

Successful Candidates must demonstrate the following:

Understanding of and commitment to the Pacifica Mission. Bachelor's Degree or commensurate experience in related field. Five years of management experience in radio or related media, journalism or nonprofit management required, non-commercial radio preferred. Candidate shall possess excellent management skills and a proven ability to work collaboratively with paid and volunteer staff and governance, to prioritize and to delegate responsibilities appropriately and effectively. Candidate shall possess strong interpersonal and communications skills and the ability to lead and motivate staff and volunteers. Turn around management experience would be a plus. Candidate must be committed to creating a diverse workplace and serving the needs of a diverse audience. Fund- raising experience required. Bilingual English-Spanish desirable.

Physical Abilities: Ability to lift up to 30 lbs., approximately three (3) times per week. Must be able to navigate stairs multiple times during each work shift.

Mental Abilities: Ability to think clearly and manage multiple changing priorities, and remain pleasant and positive. Requires critical thinking and ability to support people with difficult challenges. Requires good judgment.

Requirements: Employment is contingent upon proof of eligibility to work in the U.S., 21 years of age or older, verification of degree/credentials, satisfactory Background Check, agreeing to uphold all of the Pacifica Foundation Policies and Procedures, Confidentiality Agreement, Policy on Outside Employment, Policy on Prohibiting/Preventing Workplace Violence, Policy to Prohibit Harassment in the Workplace, Policy on Ethics, adhering to Drug-Free Workplace Policy, compliance with Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention Policies, and compliance with HIPAA Rules and Regulations, (by signature).

Compensation: $70-80,000 per annum, DOE: Full Benefits package including Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, and Disability as well as 403b Retirement Plan with Employer match.

The Pacifica Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, gender, age, disability, or sexuality.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to: ED@pacifica,org or by postal mail to:

KPFK GM Search Pacifica Foundation National Office
Attention: Tatanka Bricca, Local Station Board Chair
3729 Cahuenga Boulevard West
Studio City CA 91604-3504

Please be prepared to provide letters of reference upon request.

You will receive an electronic confirmation of the receipt of your application.

The Pacifica Foundation and KPFK are Equal Opportunity Employers

Check for other employment opportunities around the network

The Pacifica Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and does not discriminate based on race, nationality, gender, age, disability, or sexuality

Other positions:


Pacifica station KPFK is based in North Hollywood, CA is currently seeking applicants for Part time Board Operators for work on live and prerecorded public affairs and cultural broadcasts. The board operator works closely with hosts, producers, the Traffic Coordinator and Production Director to help ensure seamless show transitions, quality broadcasts and the safety of the station’s broadcast license.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Operate broadcast control board for live programming and production studio recording
  • Regulate program timing for prerecorded shows
  • Play ID’s and promotional spots
  • Monitor the technical quality of incoming and outgoing on air programming from the master control studio
  • Monitor the station’s broadcast for potential FCC violations and operate the program delay hardware (“dump button”) when necessary
  • Maintain logs
  • Check studio equipment for proper functioning and alert engineering staff of any technical issues affecting the quality of the broadcast
  • May handle basic audio editing and loading of shows and show elements for playback during broadcasts
  • May work with Production Director on various production needs including editing and real time adjustments specific to each broadcast.


Essential attributes:

  • Positive attitude
  • Dependability
  • Diplomacy
  • Punctuality
  • Solid communication skills
  • Scheduling flexibility (evenings and weekends)

Qualifications and abilities:

  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Team player with basic audio and computer (Windows) knowledge
  • Good time management and attention to detail
  • Work well with a broad range of personalities
  • Remain calm and effective in a fast paced, live broadcast environment with tight timeframes, multiple demands and fluid and evolving real time adjustments
  • Improvise, adapt and troubleshoot

All new hires must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by date of hire, subject to legally mandated accommodations


  • Experience in running a broadcast control board
  • Previous radio, journalism and/or production experience
  • Proficient in Adobe Audition, Cool Edit Pro or similar audio editing software
  • Familiarity with Zetta or other broadcast automation systems
  • Experience with using VoIP systems (Zoom, Cleanfeed, etc.) for broadcast
  • Experience with live sound mixing
  • Optimism and a good sense of humor

Will provide comprehensive training to the right candidate.

For immediate consideration, resumes can be sent to

KPFK is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).

Volunteer positions:

KPFK needs pro bono expertise on social media marketing and promotion, redesign of our website, video production, development and major donor fundraising, board training, and many other areas. If you can provide such expertise pro bono for the station, without compensation, please contact the General Manager at to volunteer your services, along with a brief explanation of your expertise or capacity to serve. Thanks!

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