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2019 KPFK Local Station Board Certified Election Results

KPFK Listener

Barbara Marbach 137   ELECTED — 1st round
Allan Beek 137   ELECTED — 1st round
Elizabeth von Gunten 137   ELECTED — 3rd round
Eric C. Jacobson 137   ELECTED — 11th round
Sandy Childs 137   ELECTED — 16th round
Paul Roberson 137   ELECTED — 16th round
James Osborne 137   ELECTED — 17th round
Lawrence Reyes +65.56698  186.7819   ELECTED — 20th round
Evelia Jones +30.67532  160.06067   ELECTED — 20th round
Lydia Poncé -119.20126   DEFEATED — 19th round
Michael Atkins  DEFEATED — 15th round
Rocio Rivas  DEFEATED — 14th round
Jeanine Rohn  DEFEATED — 13th round
Robert Payne  DEFEATED — 12th round
Rob Macon  DEFEATED — 10th round
Maria Skelton  DEFEATED — 9th round
Doug Barnett  DEFEATED — 8th round
Jeff Silberman  DEFEATED — 7th round
Ralph Hawkins  DEFEATED — 6th round
Rick Macias  DEFEATED — 5th round
Matt Sedillo  DEFEATED — 4th round
EXHAUSTED PILE: +22.95896  59.15743   
TOTALS: 1365   

KPFK Staff

Ali Lexa 21   ELECTED — 1st round
Polina Vasiliev 21   ELECTED — 1st round
Jeanette Charles +3.54545  24.15909   ELECTED — 5th round
Harvey Wasserman -16.04545   DEFEATED — 4th round
Myla Reson  DEFEATED — 3rd round
EXHAUSTED PILE: +12.5  14.84091   
TOTALS: 81   

For more information visit:
Contact the National Election Supervisor:
Email or  (510) 854-9663 (to leave a voice mail message)

2018 KPFK Local Station Board Certified Election Results

KPFK Listener Election Results

All ballots are here so you can check that your vote was counted. The raw results are anonymized. You can locate your ballot with your ballot receipt – Raw_Results_CONFIDENTIAL

Jan Goodman 0 145  ELECTED — 1st round
Grace Aaron 0 145  ELECTED — 1st round
Ken Aaron 0 145  ELECTED — 3rd round
John Suarez 0 145  ELECTED — 14th round
Michael Novick 0 145  ELECTED — 16th round
Fred Blair 0 145  ELECTED — 16th round
Michael Adler -52.06391 145  ELECTED — 20th round
Nancy Pearlman 0 162.53688  ELECTED — 20th round
Bella De Soto +18.89137 152.86791  ELECTED — 21st round
Paul Roberson 0 0  DEFEATED — 19th round
Michelle Manos 0 0  DEFEATED — 18th round
Reza Pour 0 0  DEFEATED — 15th round
Robert Macon 0 0  DEFEATED — 13th round
Fiorella Isabel Mayorca 0 0  DEFEATED — 12th round
Marshall James 0 0  DEFEATED — 11th round
Jeff Silberman 0 0  DEFEATED — 10th round
Allan Beek 0 0  DEFEATED — 9th round
Douglas Barnett 0 0  DEFEATED — 8th round
Steve Kaiser 0 0  DEFEATED — 7th round
Marcie Mills 0 0  DEFEATED — 6th round
Tyan Schesser 0 0  DEFEATED — 5th round
Robert Payne 0 0  DEFEATED — 4th round
Bill Eisen 0 0  DEFEATED — 4th round
EXHAUSTED PILE: +33.17254 113.59522  
TOTALS: 0 1444  
Bella De Soto has been ELECTED because s/he has met the threshold.
Abstain 141 (8.9%)

KPFK Staff Election Results

All ballots are here so you can check that your vote was counted. The raw results are anonymized. You can locate your ballot with your ballot receipt – KPFK Staff Raw_Results_CONFIDENTIAL

Kiyana Williams 0 29  ELECTED — 1st round
Mansoor Sabbagh 0 29  ELECTED — 1st round
Oscar Ulloa +13.36364 35.9697  ELECTED — 5th round
Fernando Velazquez -16.9697 0  DEFEATED — 4th round
Myla Reson 0 0  DEFEATED — 3rd round
Lorena Salazar Zermeño 0 0  DEFEATED — 2nd round
Ruben Maciel 0 0  DEFEATED — 2nd round
EXHAUSTED PILE: +3.60606 19.0303  
TOTALS: 0 113  
Oscar Ulloa has been ELECTED because s/he has met the threshold.
Abstain 7 (5.8%)

2016 Elections

Results Announced
Our Congratulations and Welcome to

Sandy Childs
Jaime Gomez
Ricardo Hernandez
Doug Kriegel

Barbara Marbach
Reza Pour
Adam Rice
Dorothy Reik
Paul Song
Sabina Virgo
Lisa Wong

2015 Elections

Elected Candidates
Jan Goodman 629.00
Grace Aaron 449.20
Fred Blair 314.47
Kenneth Aaron 310.77
Sharon Brown 179.69
Myla Reson 130.01
Mansoor Sabbagh 128.38
Steve Kaiser 128.36
Roberta Eidman 126.53
Lydia Brazon 124.61
Christian Beck 120.74
Leslie Fox 117.81
Michael Novick 117.27
Sandy Childs 114.63
Dorothy Reik (write-in) 113.25
Charles Fredricks 94.21
Aryana Gladney 90.27
Reza Pour  89.96

Stephen Frantz 80.90
Richard Macias 69.40
Bill Eisen  62.54
Michael Mora 58.54
Jaye Cho  52.81
Will Ryan  50.45


Elected Candidates
Fernando Velazquez  Elected
Maggie LePique  Elected
Jonathan Alexander  Elected
Tejvir "Tej" Grewall  Elected
Steve Pride  Elected
Ali Lexa  Elected

José Benavides  12.53
Allan Coie  9.72
Charlene Muhammad 5.13
Sue Cohen Johnson  2.36
Kiyana Turner 2.13

2012 Elections

The KPFK Listener and Staff elections failed to reach the required quorum of ballots. No candidates were elected. The current LSB members continue to serve unless they are term-limited.

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